Haikyo May Be the Best Thing You’re Not Doing While in Japan

Tokyo, Japan — the unofficial nerd mecca of the world. Many anime, game, and all-around Japanese culture fans make their voyage half-way around the world each day just for a taste of what the future will be like. But Japan offers more than just super high-tech gadgetry shops and arcades, the country also offers some of the creepiest and most interesting locations outside the glitzy city limits.

Haikyo is defined as urban exploration¬†and is a largely underground movement. Although this isn’t a hobby limited to the good people of Japan, the country itself offers a vast array of abandoned locations. From the abandoned towns to hotels to schools to an entire island, these locations all look as if their inhabitants will be returning by the end of the day.

Eerie photos featured on show off some of those exact locations. The site is run by Michael John Grist, a Haikyo enthusiast and England native living in Tokyo. Of all the sites available on the internet, Grist’s may be the most friendly and comprehensive found — not a typical trait among a secretive and hard-to-locate following.

Unfortunately for wannabe Haikyo travelers, the scene is typically unfriendly, unhelpful, and hard-to-get-to. Don’t expect a friendly helping hand as most of the Haikyo adventurers had to find them on their own as well; get used to the proud and independent Japanese style if you’ll be heading there. Just know, you’re pretty much on your own.

After looking through a small catalog of our favorite locations, as well as the site, maybe you should consider taking a walk around an area less populated the next time you go.



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