BronyCon 2013: Lee Tockar and Fanbuilt

Back in May, Another Castle broke the news of Lee Tockar’s ambitious The voice actor turned CEO took on a full staff and sought out to create the world’s first one stop creation station. Fanbuilt was originally due to launch in June, however technical difficulties halted the initial launch. According to Tockar, a skilled team of beta testers were hired to, “break the system and ensure that the [Fanbuilt website] was impenetrable”. The beta testers did break the system, and as a result, Mr. Tockar overhauled most of the site and moved to a new server capable of holding much more traffic and uploads. The good news is that now Fanbuilt is live and better than ever!

As a quick recapFanbuilt is a place for creative minds to work together and collaborate. Voice actors can team up with writers, storyboard artists, and producers. Animators can find a reel to animate, comic book artists can illustrate a writer’s story. There is everything and anything all coming together under a steam punk infused demented carnival tent, which Tockar drew artistic inspiration from when designing the website.

“We have a place for soapstone carvers, for voice actors, for comedians to send in their reels. In fact, the only thing we can’t find a place for are mimes and choreographers, and choreographers who choreograph mimes!” Tockar told Another Castle this weekend at BronyCon 2013.

ONUR radio will also be debuting through the Fanbuilt site, where comic reels and voice actor reels will loop. The mp3’s will be broken-up by quirky commercials playing on the name ONUR (Oh and you are!). Tockar took the stage at his Fanbuilt panel the day of August 4 to announce the first 100 members will receive a free ‘Fanbuilt Army’ badge which he will commission one lucky member to engrave. Talk of a Fanbuilt mobile application and a premium membership were mentioned during the interview Another Castle as well as during his Fanbuilt panel. Although little is set in stone on the latter, there is a growing community of artists and fans currently making a mark on the internet through this ambitious endeavor.

Fanbuilt is now live. For those of you who have experienced the glitch which initially did not allow for users to sign-up and login, it is now fixed and over 100 members have already began to join as of this weekend. If for whatever reason you do still experience the roadblock, will take users directly to the login and sign-up screen. We hope to see you there on Fanbuilt, and if you find yourself asking any pressing questions, Lee Tockar made it clear that all fans can contact him through his Fanbuilt email:


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