31 Days of Horror: The Eye 2



Your boyfriend leaves you, then you botch a suicide while vacationing in Thailand, find out you’re pregnant by said ex on top of the nervous breakdown you’re having, and suddenly there’s a bunch of ghosts everywhere you look — your life is terrible, Joey Cheng, but you make for a good Asian horror plot.

The premise for The Eye 2 is simple: A massive amount of ghosts at every turn. Although it might not be the greatest Asian hair horror out there, it’s definitely a satisfying one.


  • Perhaps one of the most underrated sequels in horror, The Eye 2 stays distinct from its predecessor; continuing only with the spirit theme. Instead of kicking off the heels of the original (as 98% of all horror sequels do), it scrapes together its own identity; in turn making it fantastically entertaining.
  • Frantic, disturbing, and chilling — the fluid pace keeps for a pleasurable sit-through from beginning to end.


  • Filming of the ghost actors underwater and CGing them into the scene really made them all the more terrifying.
  • It’s a ghost, I don’t know what more to say than that. She’s a freaky, revenge-fueled ghost, and I’m afraid of the dark.
  • Added bonus: No stupid grayish-blue body paint on the “ghosts” that’s so popular in Asian horror.


  • Aside from the occasional blood, there’s not much gore in The Eye 2. However, upon this particular re-watching, I remembered the “bus stop scene” which is easily in my top 10 great scares of Asian horror.
  • The film may be lacking in shock horror but it more than makes up for the in-your-face scares, trading off for pleasurable night terror, afraid of the dark horror; and frankly, those are much more chilling.


Despite the typical short-comings that plague most Asian horror films (occasionally slow, laughable scenes, far too much screaming/crying, and odd, distorted story arcs), The Eye 2 makes up for it all with a solid middle of back-to-back scares. A must-watch for any Asian hair horror fans, or any horror fans looking to kill an entertaining hour-and-a-half.



(Available on Netflix Instant Queue)

Bonus Trivia:

Main character actress Qi Shu was originally cast for the role of Jiao Long in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, but was pulled at the last minute by her manager for a commercial instead. The roll was instead given to Ziyi Zhang who garnered more than 15 awards and nominations for her roll as Long. The roll launched Zhang’s career and made her a recognizable and respected actress the world over.


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