BOB’S BURGERS #1 Review: A Curious Lack of Butts

In case you’re not on the up with TV these days, you’re probably missing out on one of the most enjoyable adult-themed cartoon this side of the ’90s. Bob’s Burgers, the successful Sunday night series on Fox, tells the random, absurd, and hilarious stories of the Belcher family and their family run burger restaurant. With a penchant for the off-beat and musical numbers, Bob’s Burgers is regarded by many as one of the best shows on TV today.

As each of the show’s episodes tells its own day-in-the-life story, it would seem that the series’ would be ripe for a comic book adaptation. Thankfully, Dynamite Entertainment felt the same and with that comes the introduction of their latest aptly titled comic series, Bob’s Burgers.


Unlike other comic spin-offs, Bob’s Burgers focuses on mini-adventures and tidbits from each of the show’s main characters. Each story featuring a different artist and writer — all of whom work on the show as a producer, writer, or animator — giving a fantastic and varying perspective to the Belcher’s antics. Although a few felt a little flat, particularly both Gene and Tina’s stories perfectly capture the show’s eccentrically hilarious quality.

In the first of three mini-stories titled ‘Tina’s Erotic Friend Fiction Presents: My So-Called Life as a Horse’, you guessed it, Tina’s a horse. After a mysterious letter arrives from the ‘Equestranauts’, Tinasus battles the evil Xander for the retrieval of the ‘Electric Leash of Doom’. Tina’s mini-adventure, friend fiction flawlessly pulls-off what makes her such an enjoyable part of the show. With all her idiosyncrasies and boy craziness, Tina’s short-story ushers in the series’ newest journey perfectly.

Bob’s Burgers is a series’ so synonymous with musical numbers, it would seem strange to have an episode without one. Flip forward a few stories to ‘Gene Belcher Presents: The Boy in the Burger, The Musical’, and therein lies a print musical — and they pulled it off. Although from an outside perspective it would be odd to see a musical in a comic book, but from any Bob’s Burgers fans’ perspective it would feel like a crime without. However, if this continues in each issue, it could get tiresome fast.

Unfortunately, ‘Louise’s Unsolved Mysteries and Curiosities: Picture Day’ didn’t accomplish what the other two did, ultimately feeling dull and strained. Hopefully, in the coming issues, Louise will get the comic book adaptation she deserves.

As for the one-page Bob and Linda blips, there isn’t much you can do with only one page, and writer Jeff Drake went for the obvious and overdone sides of one-page writing. Bob’s ‘Burger of the Day Ideas: TV Catchphrase & Hits of the 80s Burgers’ is a simple spiral notebook page of burger ideas, and although cute and an almost must-have addition none of the intended giggles fully hit their mark. ‘Letters From Linda: Dear Apparently You’re Parenting Magazine’ idea is also, unfortunately, trite and unfunny.

Despite the mixed bag of hits and misses, the short story collection remains, overall, worthwhile. Particularly so for any fan of the show.

Source: Dynamite Entertainment

Source: Dynamite Entertainment


If you’ve ever watched an episode of Bob’s Burgers — which by the simple fact that you’re reading this review, we assume you have — you already know what to expect from this comic book. Although the overall issue looks like a paper version of the show, each short story has a unique flair. From Tina’s Erotic Friend Fiction’s style of Bob’s Burgers meets Napoleon Dynamite, to Louise’s Picture Day looking like a story board version of the show, the art is superb.

Now, if you haven’t watched the show, each style carries their own whimsy and character while closely following the simple and charming formula. Show artists Brad Rader, Tony Gennaro, Frank Forte, and Bernard Derriman find a way to show off their style individually, without getting too crazy or outlandish. However, it would be a welcome addition for cover artist Devin Roth’s art to shine more among the pages — which looks like a desert heat and peyote sweltering hallucination; it’s pretty awesome — or any other artist to break out of the traditional style in future editions.


As a Bob’s Burgers fan, this comic book addition to the show is hands down phenomenal. With the direction of the show’s writers and artists, the comic is a welcomed extra for series’ fans. As for those who’ve not partaken in Bob’s Burgers, well, you really should get on that and then pick this up. Genuinely fun and entertaining little book that belongs on any fans’ shelf.

4 out of 5 stars

4 out of 5 stars

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4 Comments on “BOB’S BURGERS #1 Review: A Curious Lack of Butts”

  1. 08/26/2014 at 9:20 PM #

    I LOVE this show! Cool review! I haven’t watched many episodes but my favorite by far is the butts one!

  2. 08/27/2014 at 4:51 PM #

    1. This review has the best title I’ve ever read. 2. It’s kinda disappointing that the Louise story isn’t so good; she and Tina are my favorite Belchers. It is nice that the comic is using an anthology format. I think that’s the best way to approach it, kinda like the Spongebob comics.

  3. 08/27/2014 at 5:42 PM #

    I hope it keeps its momentum. Really neat comic and I’d love to see Louise get more love. Also, thank you. I do my best.


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