Update — 9/2/14: Unfortunately, as of September 2, Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection has been shut-down due to copyright concerns. Refunds have already been made to those who had pledged support and notifications sent out. Too bad, looked like a fantastic project. However, as we state below, there is a risk factor in every Kickstarter project and they should always be treated as such.

Popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter runs a never-ending bevy of products and people to support. From indie video games to comics, bands, and everything in-between, Kickstarter is the platform for artists and innovators to make a plea for support, ultimately paving way for some of the industry’s most creative projects yet.

One such project, Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection, looks to gather Super Famicom, the Japanese version of the Super Nintendo, cover art and give a brief history of each title. Longtime Super Famicom collector, graphic designer, blogger, and the book’s author Stu Brett is currently looking for support for his 204-page collection of Super Famicom games through the month of September.

The book also plans to include forwards from fellow collectors, artists, and video game project managers, adding an element of hype for the retrospective collection.

Unlike the majority of Kickstarter projects, Brett states he has already begun to compile, detail, and format the book, as he hopes to have the project shipped by the end of 2014. “I want to ensure that my book reaches it’s [sic] backers quickly,” he explains in the ‘Risks and Challenges’ section. “There’s nothing worse than having to wait for months on end before receiving something you’ve been so keen to get your hands on!”

With an affordable pledge of $38.82 (£24), you can back and own the Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection coffee table book full of SF cover art and history. But always remember, Kickstarter is a risk-based, investing website, and although a project might seem well-planned, various hick-ups and sometimes even a complete shut-down of projects can and will happen. So always invest at your own risk.

Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection is live now until September 28, 2014 and has already collected nearly 50% of its £27,000 (roughly $44,820) goal. On top of that, the book has already sold almost 60% of its limited 1,125 prints, so if you were debating on the investment, the time is now before they quickly sell out.

Art: Stu Brett, Super Famicom Guy

Art: Stu Brett, Super Famicom Guy

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