Music Monday: LAZERHAWK — Redline

In the recent erupting fury of modernized ’80s electro music known as synthwave — in part due to Drive‘s movie soundtrack success — droves of retro-rooted, new wave bands have hit the scene hard. While many struggle to find their footing in a niche genre, others blossom. Case in point: Lazerhawk.

The one-man, heavy-synth and neo-futuristic styling of Garret Hays, a founding member of the Rosso Corsa Records, brilliantly fuses an end of days electronic style with post-disco ’80s electronic pop. A blend of electronic dance you’d find in a club, and the theme to any ’80s action flick.

Lazerhawk‘s debut album ‘Redline’ feels like a late night drive through ’85 Miami in a brand-new Lamborghini. The dark hum of the synth revs like a sexy, supercharged engine, with enough shifting sound effects to place you directly in the driver’s seat. Lazerhawk is easily one of the most ‘you need to listen to this immediately’ artists ever featured on Music Mondays, particularly for any Kavinsky fan looking for something darker.

Each of Lazerhawk‘s 4 albums are available for download directly from the artist on BandCamp.

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