Nintendo Direct BAYONETTA 2 Details

Earlier today, a Nintendo Direct (video updates put out through Nintendo) was put out dedicated to Bayonetta 2. Nintendo Direct broadcasts are video updates put out through Nintendo to speak directly to their fans. Bayonetta 2 is arguably one of the more interesting titles for the Wii U, and gamers are getting closer to the game becoming available for everyone to play.

As a direct sequel to the first Bayonetta game, Bayonetta 2 will continue where the previous game left off. Fans of the first game await with baited breath as it has been since 2009 since gamers got the pleasure of controlling Bayonetta herself in a game filled with over-the-top action; similar to the likes of Devil May Cry and God of War. Bayonetta 2 will include a copy of the original game as well if you purchase it on the Wii U for $60. If you purchase the game through the eShop, you can combine the original game with your purchase of Bayonetta 2 to make your total to just under $60.

Bayonetta 2 will now have more of a focus on story whereas before it was more about the Bayonnetta herself and gameplay. Nintendo showed off talks about the interesting supporting characters in the game, some of which are from the previous entry. As far as characters go, Rodin from the original Bayonetta was revealed to be a playable character.

Previously announced were some Nintendo costumes for Bayonetta, all of which would have different effects when you use them on her. Today, a new Star Fox themed costume was revealed today for her as well. The game also promises more types of enemies to face. Players will be fighting angels similar to the first title, as well as demons, which are new to this title. Nintendo also promises enemies will have varied behaviors and attack in unique ways.

One of the key points of Bayonetta 2, much like other games of it’s kind, is the combo system. This game keeps this system in place but now also has a “automatic mode” available to those who may not be able to pull off flashy combos with the proper button presses, or have the timing right to do so. There is also a “touch mode” that enables you to pull off combos with swipes of the stylus on the gamepad. Both additions are to appeal to the casual gamer and the makes the game accessible to a audience that otherwise would miss out on the title.

“Witch Time” returns from the previous title to slow down time around you by dodging a attack at the very last second. As you do these successfully, you charge up magic power which leads to more combat possibilities. You can use torture attacks (over-the-top single target attacks) or the new “Umbran Climax” ability (multi-target) to deal with enemies accordingly with the magic power you have built up. The latter is brand new to the series. While it makes your attacks stronger and gives your attacks more range, it comes at the cost of the enemies acting more violently towards you. Various weapons throughout the game as well as being able to equip items to your hand or feet, allow for lots of combat variety — because killing enemies the same way gets boring after a while.

One of the more interesting points of this Nintendo Direct was various people involved with the game talking about the different ways they enjoyed taking out bosses or standard enemies. They speak about various things but in a action game such as this, combat is key. This along with different ways to battle, ranked missions, a challenge mode of sorts, and even a co-op mode, we have much to look forward to in the near future.

For a visual on all detailed here you can check out the Nintendo Direct for yourself. If you just want to see a trailer, a new one was revealed towards the end of the Nintendo Direct video. Bayonetta 2 rolls out onto the Wii U as well as in digital form on the Nintendo eShop on October 24.

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