BLOSSOM TALES: THE SLEEPING KING: A Pixel Castle Kickstarter Pick

From the creators of the ‘Hardcore 2D Deathtrap‘ aneurysm-fest that had come to be known Rex Rocket, Pixel Castle gives us Blossom Tales :: The Sleeping King, a game that practically wears the term “Nostalgia” like a fashion statement.

Imagine a game that mixes the Inception-like elements of The Princess Bride (i.e. the story is WITHIN another story) and influences from those classic RPG hack-and-slashers à la The Legend of Zelda with the retro 8-bit graphics with a top-down 3rd person protagonist that sets about their epic quest at the behest of a faceless entity that stands just behind the thin veneer of a clear blue sky. That is how you can accurately describe something like Blossom Tales.

Told from the perspective of a grandfather dotingly recounting an epic tale of adventure to his beloved granddaughter, Blossom Tales follows the tale of Lily, recent recruit of the Knights of the Rose and one of those rare female protagonists that is capable of wearing sensible armor into battle as she attempts to save King Orchid of the Kingdom of Blossoms from the never-ending sleep beset upon him by the evil wizard and zombie enthusiast Crocus.

Throughout this grandiose tale set to some fantastic chiptune, Lily’s travels will take her from the lush green fields of her kingdom to the very depths of a dragon lair all the while combating the vicious minions of Cronus. It’s a game that promises an unpredictable story prone to change at the behest of the young granddaughter whose input will always have an effect on the world whether it be as benign as a new character to interact with or as vexing as the small band of zombies you were scheduled to face becoming a shambling legion of undead knights.

With a pension for nostalgia and backed by a team with a knack for engaging gameplay and lovingly rendered visuals,  Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King is looking to be one of the many indie darlings of 2015 gaming season. So get in on your chance to be a part of the Castle Pixel story and visit their Kickstarter page today, even if you don’t want to donate you can at least set that trailer on repeat for that amazing music score.

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One Comment on “BLOSSOM TALES: THE SLEEPING KING: A Pixel Castle Kickstarter Pick”

  1. 09/20/2014 at 3:41 PM #

    It looks lovely. One to watch.

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