Music Monday: I FIGHT DRAGONS — Move

Formed in 2008, Chicago natives I Fight Dragons quickly became arguably the most recognizable chip-pop/rock group around, and they still only have one full-length album to their name. In their 6 years on the music scene, IFD have quickly garnered a large following, perhaps in part to their headlined shows with big name acts such as MC Chris, MC Lars, 3OH!3, and Cobra Starship, as well as touring in the Vans Warped Tour.

Sharing a passion for video games and pop/rock, the eventual (current) lineup of Brian Mazzaferri, Hari Rao, Packy Lundholm, Bill Prokopow, and Chad Van Dahm litter their songs with enough chipbeats and gaming innuendos to sate any geek’s playlist. Perhaps their biggest claim to fame came way in 2012 when Nintendo approached the group for an upcoming 3DS promotional Nintendo Channel video. ‘Save World Get Girl’ would introduce millions more to the group’s infectiously upbeat chip-pop / rock sound, making them a staple “geek group” and, moreover, the first name thrown around when the topic of ‘geek rock’ arises in a conversation.

2013’s ‘Move’ might not be the group’s best-known, but it’s surely their most lively. “The 5 members of I Fight Dragons have been digitized,” reads the video’s description. “Pixelized and transported to Japan! They’ve been called upon to cheer on the four lovely heroines of Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds as they battle the forces of darkness.” The throwback 8-bit / 16-bit style may be predominant for the group, but none capture the wistful nostalgia quite as well as that in ‘Move’.

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