DESTINY: Queen’s Wrath is Live

Today, Tuesday September 23, 2014, a limited time event, The Queens Wrath, began for players who own the new blockbuster Bungie game, Destiny. The special event running until October 6th is a 2 week extravaganza offering extra bounties and plentiful loot drops to those eager to participate.

There are threads about the event all over the internet from Reddit to GameSpot and social media, with varying degrees of excitement to disdain. Gamers are hotly discussing where the events are happening and how they work, and whether or not they’re enjoying the special event. While Destructoid might think “Bungie can do better than this”, it’s a certainly great way for new players to build up their gear and even gives a chance for huge items such as a legendary ship! 

Queen’s Wrath bounties are available each day to earn experience for her faction. The event allows an opportunity for players to earn class items, two shaders, two emblems (although there are reports that some see only one), one class item, and three unique rare weapons.

Missions begin in the Tower, to the Bounty Board. The area behind which was previously off limits is now opened for the event. The bounty vendor will now offer the Queen’s missions. Participation offers six new daily bounties and extra factions for in-game interactions. Players can join each other on the missions. With every completed a bounty players are given an optional task to complete a level 24 mission on Epic difficulty.

Although mentioned before that players can play with each other on missions they will not receive any of the legendary or rare loot and gear that will drop unless they have The Queen’s Wrath in their inventory which will reset upon completions. So be aware of this.

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