A Look Into MIGHTY NO. 9 From a Fellow Mighty Backer

Any fan of older games knows of a certain ‘Blue Bomber‘, aka Mega Man, that hasn’t gotten the best treatment from Capcom, regardless of the fact that this iconic character helped put them on the radar. Keiji Inafune, best known as the co-designer of Mega Man has been working on a game along with Inti Creates that is very similar, to make up for the lack of games from the Mega Man franchise.

MN9 History:

Enter Mighty No. 9; a game that easily will remind someone of the good old days while also offering a fresh take on a familiar game. Mighty No. 9 was a crazy success and was crowd-funded through the efforts of KickStarter. Fans wanted a new title and Capcom was not ready to deliver. Keiji Inafune along with Manami Matusmae, Takashi Tateishi, and Ippo Yamada, all of which have worked on previous Mega Man titles, are along for the ride.

In development by Comcept as well as Inti Creates, Mighty No. 9 has no release date as of yet. With a community response unlike any other, the KickStarter project would meet its minimum goal within two days and many “stretch goals” were met as well. The final amount raised would be $3,845,170. Since the project was successfully funded, updates would be offered to backers. Most of these updates were in regards to art of the game, some videos talking about progress, as well as screens of a very happy Inafune anytime he test plays the game. All signs point to this being a title worth checking out.

Plot & Development:

The game stars a character knows as Beck, who is an android. The ninth robot in the line of Mighty Numbers; hence the title. Beck, along with the rest of the Mighty Number robots were created by a scientist named Dr. Light White. One day, the Sigma Virus a computer virus attacks the units in the mighty line of robots along with several others around the world and it is up to you to correct this and figure out who is behind it all. For those who aren’t familiar with the Mega Man series, Dr. Light was the creator of Mega Man and the Sigma Virus would cause Reploids (good robots) into Mavericks (bad ones) in addition to making lesser robots that aren’t as advanced go flat out berserk. Beck also has a partner known as Call. Call, who looks similar to Roll in the Mega Man series, was actually voted on by several people in the site forums and Kickstarter backers. There were several designs to choose from and in the end, the final choice can be seen here along with more art.

The comparisons are going to be made to Mega Man. The games are very similar intentionally and Mighty No. 9 is considered by some to be the spiritual successor to him. Inafune himself has spoken out saying that if Capcom “had the best terms” the game would be re-branded as a Mega Man title. The man is dead set on delivering the best game he can deliver and backers have been filled in every step of the way. He also wanted fans to be involved with the process as well. Some lucky backers that donated enough can even have their name in the game credits, or make an achievement for the game, among other KickStarter rewards that are offered in the different tiers.


A few weeks back, backers were treated to a Beta of the game. The game plays very much like a Mega Man title but perhaps with a bit more speed, for someone who learns to master the game. You can jump, shoot, and dash accordingly. The dashing is quite interesting. You can shoot an enemy to a point where you can dash through them or shoot them further to kill them. When you dash through enemies, not only do you get the enjoyment of doing so, but you are also granted a perk.

These perks you receive vary and can be anything from a different weapon to increased mobility. You also get points, which will help for a ranking you receive at the end of the level. The dashing is such a crucial part of the game that you even start off with a air dash as well. The game seems very friendly to the speed runner crowd, so I expect people to master the game, and dash away accordingly. Additionally, each level has a boss in which you can defeat and take their power. The bosses all have unique abilities and personalities, so it makes you look forward to conquering each stage to see what that particular boss has to offer. The is of course is not new to anyone that has played that game I’ll try not to mention anymore in this post.

Mighty No. 9 at this point is familiar territory but it is a comfortable territory in which many of us are looking forward to jumping and shooting through accordingly. Mighty No. 9 is currently set to release sometime in April 2015.

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