31 Days of Horror: TUCKER & DALE vs EVIL

The classic horror formula is simple: Take one backwoods homicidal maniac, toss in a handful of hormonal, skinny-dipping enthused teens on a creepy secluded camping trip that is sure to drudge up some spooky ‘true’ horror stories, and top it off with one mature, savvy girl and her hopeful male counterpart. Now you have yourself one solid, classic horror story.

While Tucker & Dale vs Evil offer up all of the classic horror elements, it poses a game-changing question: What if it was all just one big misunderstanding?


When a group of college kids decide to cut loose on a weekend camping trip and encounter two backwoods hillbillies, Tucker and Dale, at a gas station, they begin to feel uneasy about their weekend away. However, our hapless hillbillies aren’t looking for their next victims, they’re simply making a beer run before a weekend of fix-ups at their dream vacation home in the woods.

Of course, when adrenaline and hormones mix with campfire horror stories and biased misunderstandings, the college kids suspect that Tucker and Dale might be the next “Memorial Day Massacre” killers. Unfortunately for our dimwitted duo, they unintentionally kidnap one when they rescue her from drowning and her friends disappear. With biases already in place, the college kid crew decide to take action and save their friend from the murderous psychopaths.

They say history is written by the victor, and if 2010’s Tucker & Dale has shown us anything it’s that we just might have been getting it wrong all along. What if these homicidal maniacs in horror are just in the wrong place, at the wrong time? What if the story’s victims are just walking catastrophes full of ‘whoopsie daisey’ clumsiness? Well, never mind. Jason Vorhees does seem to really enjoy killing those camp counselors; but I digress.

Tucker & Dale gives a hilarious and unabashed altered perspective, showcased from an angle that both horror and comedy fans can enjoy. Brilliantly written and engulfing, the film addresses horror clichés in a flawlessly comedic way, giving warmth to its characters and enough subtleties to sate the typical horror fan along the way.

Gore & Scares

While Tucker & Dale will keep you laughing, they don’t disappoint their horror audience either. With enough gore and blood to satisfy the Evil Dead remake, the film serves as a way to prove comedic horror can be done well without gimmicks. From a gruesome wood chipper death to a domino effect of mishaps that lead to a blood hose down, Tucker & Dale features over-the-top gore aplenty. Let’s not forget to mention that you’ll be cruelly laughing through each death, making this one of the best comedic horror combos available.


Tucker & Dale‘s blend of comedic horror is a rare treat for fans of the genre. Although there have been some courageous attempts made before, few hit their mark as well as that in Tucker & Dale. Not a film to be ignored — that particularly includes you, “I’m not in the mood” Netflix Instant viewer — and will absolutely be a film you re-watch time and time again, regardless of the time of the year.

4 out of 5 stars

4 out of 5 stars

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