HUMAN RESOURCES Kickstarter: A Demon-Robot Punchout RTS

UPDATE: Earlier on the eve of October 20, Uber Entertainment announced that they would be pulling their Kickstarter campaign, claiming that it simply wasn’t raising enough buzz within the industry to meet their $1.4 million budget estimate. “Every Kickstarter prediction model is showing that we will come up woefully short of our goal,” said Art Director John Comes in an announcement on the now-defunct Kickstarter page. As he put it, maintaining their crowdfunding model would have diverted funds and manpower that would have been better spent pursuing other projects.

“Human Resources, as pitched in this Kickstarter, is over…” Continued Comes, distraught at the notion that the vision his team had worked on won’t come to fruition and yet despite their trepidation, Uber Entertainment still endeavors to deliver this apocalyptic RTS to the gaming public. So here’s to hoping that our Lovecraftian mecha-kaiju punch-up will come to fruition. After all, all those tiny squishy humans won’t stomp on themselves now, will they?

From the creative minds at Uber Entertainment that have brought us the frenetic fast-paced action of Super Monday Night Combat and the galaxy-conquesting sim, Planetary Annihilation, comes a new Kickstarter title that promises to push the boundaries of titanic punch outs between robots and monsters: Human Resources, a game that promises to meld the gameplay of Command and Conquer with the titanic combat that has become a hallmark of the Annihilation series.

Sporting a rather unique comic book-like art style, Human Resources puts you in command of two opposing armies vying for control over fragments of a shattered earth, rendered asunder by the merciless conflict between H.P. Lovecraftian horrors and man-made technological monstrosities that have unashamedly turned on their creators. The remnants of humanity survive in what remains of their mega cities hoping to avoid the epic conflict, but unfortunately for them, they are the all important resources for these vying factions’ war machines (thus the name Human Resources was born).

It’s a quirky RTS to say the least, certainly a far cry from the typical human conflicts that games like Company of Heroes and Rise of Nations, but what really sets this title apart from any other, aside from the art-style of course, is that every battle is set in a large destructible environment that you, the player, is actually ENCOURAGED to destroy with reckless abandon. For, you see, within those thin papier-mâché structures lie practically the only resource that you and your army subsist on: people.

So many tiny, little people scurrying like ants beneath the massive tread of your formidable soldiers. ‘Do not pity the fuel’ boldly proclaims one of the title cards on the game’s Kickstarter page, they are but your resources to gather and utilize. Yes, in this destitute shattered world humans are but fodder for their mechanistic (or demonic) overlords.

Perhaps quirky isn’t exactly the right word for it. Despite its bright and cheery atmosphere, it presents a rather grim reality wherein humanity exists on the fringes of life, barely clinging on to the hope that these two consequences of human folly eradicate each other. In fact, the Kickstarter page mentions that people invoked the ancient gods in order to stem the onslaught of the machines that they themselves had created.

It’s the apocalypse, humanity is in the waning stages of its existence. But which faction will have the pleasure of annihilating this once dominant species off the face of the universe? Well that decision ultimately falls upon the player to decide. Will you emulate H.P. Lovecraft and decimate your enemies with all the might and strength of the old gods or will the cold steel of your technological mastery prove your enemies downfall?



But how often does a game place you in the role of the planet-annihilating destroyer? Although it may be a grim reality for humanity, those machines and ancient ones seem to have a rollicking good time fighting it out over the shattered remnants of earth to feed to their megalithic masters (I mean they literally EAT the battlefield, they EAT the fricken battlefield. How many games can you accurately say do that to a battlefield?).

For the time being, however, Human Resources only exists in the development stage with a release scheduled sometime in February of 2016. Should you be so inclined to pre-order your copy early or, perhaps, get in on some of that sweet company merch that they are offering as rewards for backers, then feel free to hit up their aforementioned Kickstarter page and help these talented developers achieve their dream of creating a game that many big wigs like Cliff Bleszinski expressing their “undying love for giant killer robots and tentacle monsters”.

Even Jerry Holkins of Penny Arcade expressed his excitement for Human Resources, stating that the concept was a unique and exciting one for the RTS genre and that each of the factions involved in this epic planet-wide skirmish could have feasibly been their own game. Yet having both of them together in one grand-scale conflict set to a rather unique art style gives the game a sense of self-awareness, a sort of “relaxed-ness” with itself that it can, in turn, transfer to the player who may also feel relaxed in this outlandish setting of tentacled beasts and robotic AI.

With a pension for creating high-quality games centered around solid game mechanics and a compelling visual style, Uber Entertainment hopes to make it big on Kickstarter again, much like they had with Planetary Annihilation back in 2012 (they managed to raise over 2 million dollars for their originally $900,000 budget). Considering their stable of highly rated titles there’s no doubt that this new game will fulfill all those wild fantasies of worldwide mayhem and destruction at the hands of vicious slimy-tentacled monsters or heartless steel robots when 2016 rolls around so be sure to drop a dollar or two and give your support to this amazing development team.

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2 Comments on “HUMAN RESOURCES Kickstarter: A Demon-Robot Punchout RTS”

  1. 10/21/2014 at 2:08 PM #

    That artwork is incredible. Neat and clinical. Which is what you would have to be considering the theme.

  2. 10/22/2014 at 12:13 PM #

    It might be the apocalypse for us tiny humans, but at least the scenery looks nice as the giant shambling flesh monster casually knocks over another skyscraper. It’s a shane that Uber Entertainment just didn’t see enough viability and buzz in their Kickstarter to justify keeping it up.

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