In loving development for around four years now, Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge is White Guardian Studios latest entry. Inspired by other RPG classics like Suikoden 2, Final Fantasy 8, and Wild Arms 2, Celestial Tear features a JRPG framework with Western art style flair. This is most prevalent in many of the character designs used for the game itself as they are drawn in a traditional American comic book style.

Unfortunately, Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge has had uneven progress in funding its development. Though the game has been through a few Kickstarter and greenlight campaigns, it has slowly been accruing momentum for its completion. Real developmental progress during this time has encouraged many supporters of the game. The game’s initial lack of support changed as progress in the game’s development allowed its unique battle system and visual style to become more apparent, such as through the release of a demo. Furthermore, it speaks to the true perseverance and passion of the team at White Guardian Studios, having made real progress in spite of uneven funding opportunity.

White Guardian Studios is made up of two developers: husband and wife duo Whitney and Tyrell White. They strive to uphold a commitment of high quality and entertaining games. Whitney serves as the writer, developer, coder, and occasional pixel artist for the team. Coming from a background of writing since the days of using a typewriter, she is excited to finally have an opportunity to tell her stories through the medium of game, which she also enjoys. Tyrell is the concept artist and primary pixel artist as well as the co-writer and co-developer for White Guardian Studios’ projects. His passion for drawing stems from a background of enjoying comics. A passionate person, the influences of his whole-hearted work ethic is undeniably felt in all of his projects.

The game boasts an array of distinctive and promising features. To begin with, the game is a nostalgic callback to the fondly remembered 16-bit era RPGs. Further,  The cut scenes in the game are given a unique spin by presenting them through the use of a motion comic framework. This allows Celestial Tear a more precise way of communicating its cut scenes.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of the game’s battle system is the use and effect of the environment. It is possible for your team to cut down trees, throw pillars, and the like in order to gain strategic advantages in battle. This involved use of the environment extends to more than just the battle areas of the game as well. Many of the puzzles of the game allow interaction with the several characters’ unique skill sets and their environments in order to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. It might be necessary to vault from cliff to cliff or to slice through the surrounding forest in order to clear the forward path.

The game also features a day and night system. Creatures that populate the environment emerge at varying times in the day, emulating an actual ecosystem for the game’s locales. Enemy monsters are not the only ones affected  by the day and night cycle, as NPC in the game also live out their daily lives and react to time of day and day of week. Furthermore, the day and night cycle is integrated into the battle system as well, with both player and enemy skills changing depending on the time of day. This facilitates a unique mechanic interplay and strategic depth for the game.

As for the game’s story itself, Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge is set in a science fiction and fantasy world. The game speaks to modern day issues such as racism and terrorism. The player begins their journey on the planet Hasphal, storied by conflict and strife stemming from prejudice since the planet’s earliest history. More specifically, the humans have oppressed the jehts, who are themselves the native beings of Hasphal. The story of Celestial Tear follows Sen, thrust into the middle of the conflict of Hasphal, as she slowly uncovers the planet’s life-changing truths.

Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge’s release date is currently projected for Q1 2015, and the game’s platform is currently PC only.

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