A nuclear winter has blocked out the sun making New York City a playground for ruthless vampires. A ragtag team of renegades are what seems to be humanity’s only heroes in Dark Horse‘s The Strain: The Night Eternal. The Strain as a franchise seems to be a fail-safe for the horror fanatics vampire fixing. With a wide array of vampire lore taking popular culture by storm and rivaling a very popular selection of zombie cinema and literature The Strain holds its own.


The reader is taken through a brief history lesson of The Master, a villainous and omnipotent vampire leader who can control any of his progeny. This makes him a dreadful foe for the protagonists. The Master has also done well to reform the world in a way which favors the night crawling vampires he fathered. By was of a nuclear winter, he has cast out the sun and without the deadly daylight he and his creatures can manipulate human life. As a dictator, The Master is ruthless, and it is with that in mind the unlikely group of a doctor, an exterminator, a criminal, and a vampire outlaw assemble to end The Master’s reign.

David Lapham’s writing is fantastic. He delves into The Master’s character development and the chaos of an underground railroad with finesse.  The characters feel real, and the situations although bizarre are believable. What The Strain lacks in scares it makes up for with good old fashion exposition which grabs his audience. I was impressed by how much Lapham could accomplish in just 24 pages.


The Strain’s  inner artwork vastly outshines its covers, which are by themselves impressive. Mike Huddleston and Dan Jackson are the artistic talent behind The Strain: The Night Eternal. Mirroring the designs developed by Guillermo del Toro the panels in this comic are above standard. Its thick lines and expressive characters add an extra layer to an already impressive story by Lapham. Jackson’s coloring truly defines this book as a work of art. Red is the color, and as blood pours it seeps into the skylines an reflections which expertly line Huddleston’s design. Though it is not a masterpiece for either its genre or time, The Strain was illustrated with care and should not be overlooked as a truly grotesque and beautiful comic.

Gore and Scares

Although The Strain certainly isn’t the goriest title on our 31 Days of Horror list,  it definitely hands readers their fair share of mutilation and decapitation. The Master and his team against ragtag opposition certainly leads to brutal complications, without completely turning stomachs. The script put together by David Lapham along with fine artwork by Mike Huddleston and Dan Jackson allows for a merciless story to unfold. Definitely a good read to set the mood for Halloween, and a must try for vampire freaks.

4.5 out of 5 stars

4.5 out of 5 stars




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