ATTACK ON TITAN/MARVEL Crossover To Be Published In Japan

The superheroes of Marvel Comics will crossover with the massively popular manga, Attack On Titan, on November 15 in Japan. Comic Book Resources reports that the crossover will occur in the next issue of Japanese pop-culture magazine Brutus. The manga’s creator, Hajime Isayama, illustrated the issue’s cover as well as a special Titan sticker.

CBR also reports, via Crunchyroll, that the crossover story concerns the Avengers fighting a gigantic Female Titan in the streets of New York. A previously revealed teaser image revealed that Spider-Man will take part in the story. Since its debut in 2009, Attack On Titan has sold more than 30 million copies in Japan alone and spun off into an enormously successful franchise, including a hit anime adaptation. Isayama was recently honored, according to the CBR blog Robot 6, by his hometown of Hita City as a “Friendship Tourist Ambassador.” A live-action Titan movie is currently in development.

Source: CBR

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Author:Tom Speelman

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