November Twitch Live-Streaming — Week 2 Recap

The Long Dark — Part 2

Though it certainly is built around a solid mechanic based on survival, The Long Dark from Hinterland Studios lacks a bit in the excitement department. Things did get pretty intense when the wolves started camping John’s home base, but for the most part, the game entails hiding out in abandoned homes from the cruel, cruel cold that waited for you outside. It get’s rather repetitive after a while but the wolf attacks managed to liven up the atmosphere a bit.

If you want to see more awkward conversation from John while camping from the elements, be sure to check out his play through of The Long Dark on YouTube.

DeadCore — Part 3 & 4

The top is so near and the final ascension is just ahead in Part 3. The end drew ever so near in the fourth part, but, alas, it was never seen. Join Tyler as the final ascent completely overwhelms his skills… or lack thereof.

Tune in next week as he ventures through the early access build of Hand of Fate.

Parasite Eve — Part 3 & 4

Another Castle’s Brandon continues Aya’s journey with the third part of Parasite Eve. In this part, Brandon fights a boss, which causes him to lose the game, and his patience temporarily. Thankfully, Brandon doesn’t give up just yet! Then, in Part 4, Brandon continues his investigation in the hospital and receives an unintentional death scene after another boss battle, which causes our host to crack up.

Tune in next week for the possible conclusion and be sure to check out when Brandon plays Binding of Isaac: Rebirth next Friday.

Gauntlet — Part 2

Spencer and Brandon are once again, tackling Gauntlet to beat the level they were defeated in. Thankfully, possibly due to divine intervention, they succeed and even come face-to-face with the boss of the first act. Will the duo show the muscular mummy their skills? Watch and find out!

Also, be sure to tune in next week, where they will check out the Early Access game called StarMade.


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