November Twitch Live-Streaming — Week 3 Recap

Rex Rocket – Part 1

Welcome to the world of Rex Rocket, where the insta-death pits are endless and the monster AI is predictable yet infuriating. This week, we saw the ham-fisted John attempt to die his way past every sort of obstacle imaginable, only to get stuck for 15 minutes screaming at a jump segment. Yes, it seems that behind that veneer of nostalgic 8-bit wonderment lies a beast ready to pounce and tear out your neck-meat. It might not be the best game to play while taking high blood-pressure medication but, boy oh boy, is it a fun ride.

If you missed John’s stream of The Long Dark, you can view it here.

Hand of Fate -Part 1 & 2

Join Tyler as he delves into the early access build of Defiant Games’ Hand of Fate, a rouge-like tabletop hybrid. Collect cards and use them to kill hordes of enemies as the dealer (strikingly similar to Jeremy Irons) stacks the deck against you.

We delve again into the depths of the dealers cards. Our collection has grown and the dungeon lay before us is shrouded in mystery. It is time to play the game in its purest of forms. Join Tyler as he takes on the endlessly sprawling dungeon.

If you would like more streams by Tyler, check out his stream of DeadCore.

Parasite Eve – Part 5

Join Brandon as he plays through Parasite Eve and reaches Disc 2. Unfortunately, he doesn’t reach the end of the game, but comes very close. In this part, he battles against a centipede and dinosaurs! Not only that, but Doctor Klamp begins to explain how Eve is creating the Ultimate Being.

In case you missed the previous part of Parasite Eve, you can check out our Youtube channel.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth – Part 1

Another Castle’s Brandon plays through The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, a much more polished remake of the original with more items, characters, and replay value. But The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is no easy task to beat. Join our host as he delves deeper and deeper into the Basement, Caves, and The Depths, in order to defeat Isaac’s evil mother. Will he come out on top?

If you want to see a game with similar dark themes, check out Brandon’s stream of Telltale’s The Walking Dead.

StarMade – Early Access

Another Castle’s Spencer plays through StarMade, a voxel-based 3D sandbox space shooter (essentially Minecraft in Space). Unfortunately, the audio for the game was having stuttering issues, so he plays it silently. But that doesn’t stop our host from mining asteroids, marking planets, and even attempting to battle space pirates. How will Spencer survive in the dark depths of space and for how long? Watch and find out!

Last week, Spencer and Brandon played through the new Gauntlet, having loads of fun as a result. You can view it here.


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