Best of 2014 Review Wrap-up: Jay

While I have not yet been part of Another Castle for even a year yet, it has already been a very memorable ride so far. Even half a year’s time has allowed me to see both my growth of the writer, but also of the Another Castle as well. We were asked to look back on our own work and select the best of them as part of a year-end wrap-up. Even though it has only been a short time, it is still fulfilling to reflect over the strides one has taken to get to this point. Thus, here are some of my favorite articles of 2014.

UNOFFICIAL HATSUNE MIX  Review: Charming and Spontaneous Vocaloid Filled Adventure

Source: Dark Horse Comics

Source: Dark Horse Comics

Unofficial Hatsune Mix was an interesting manga to review. Being itself a derivative work of the actual Vocaloid product, it was certainly helpful to have some prior knowledge of the source material. Of course, having that made both reading and reviewing the work a much more enjoyable and memorable experience.  This review stands out for me as the first review of a manga I did for Another Castle. I hope it has allowed me to grow a bit more as a writer. Still, the review probably stands out most for me by virtue of being a short story collection about the personas of a voice synthesizer program.

NO GAME NO LIFE Review: Vibrant and Creative Fun



No Game No Life was one of my early reviews done with Another Castle. It stands out to me as a marking point for my development as a writer here, especially considering it was the first time I closely worked with an editor to refine my work. It also stands out to me as a clear development of my review style. Though the popular 2014 anime needed little in the way of exposure at this point, I was pleased to have the chance to formulate and offer my own thoughts on it.

THE WHITE SUITS VOLUME #1 Review: Violent Noir Action Thriller

To be honest, the world of comic books is almost entirely a foreign realm to me. My only experience with it is either seeing the covers of comic books that my friends own or watching comic book adapted movies, if either of those counts. I felt that constructing a review for a comic book was going to be a different experience. I ultimately ended up approaching it quite similarly to my previous reviews, which I believe turned out fairly. Regardless, my experience with the work was very eye-opening to the medium. It was refreshing and I was happy to have done it.

THE ART OF THE BOOK OF LIFE Review: A Stunning Visual Treat



Much like comic books, prior to my review of the Art of the Book of Life, I had not really had any experience with art books. I figured it would also pose some unique difficulties. While the review was in fact more challenging than normal, it was a rewarding experience in the new and distinct avenues with which I could consider the work. My enjoyment of the review was greatly helped by the art book’s high quality and irresistibly charming style. I was also very excited when Jorge R. Gutierrez retweeted the review!

ISSHUUKAN FRIENDS Review: A Refreshing Perspective on the Power of Friendship



My review for Isshuukan Friends was actually the first review I wrote for Another Castle. For that reason alone, it holds a special place in my heart. I feel like I did a fair job in critiquing the various parts of the show. This review was definitely the start of some serious development in my writing style for Another Castle as well. My love for all shows slice-of-life certainly influenced my decision to review this show. Despite its faults, I am glad to have brought just a little more attention to a solid slice-of-life anime from 2014.


2014 was a great year. It saw both the creation of Anime Dichotomy and my joining of Another Castle. My work here at Another Castle has allowed me to develop as a writer in ways I could never have managed alone. Further, my work here has given me the privilege of broadening my horizons to the various mediums covered by this site. The chance to digest and deliver my own thoughts on these things amongst many like-minded others has been an invaluable experience. I am certain is but a preface of the year to come. Here’s to 2015.


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