Twitch Streaming Schedule: ‘Retro January’

With ‘Rage Quit’ December coming to a close, Another Castle’s hosts will celebrate the New Year by chilling out and looking back at old-school games, as well as retro designed games. There will be no more rage or frustration (to an extent) this time. This month will be known as “Retro January”.

Our hosts will look back at the many memorable games released in the past years, and even decades, such as Jackal, Knights of the Old Republic, and even the cancelled Star Fox 2. They will also play, as mentioned above, recent retro-designed games such as Shovel Knight, Legend of Grimrock II (Set to Old School Mode), and Broforce.

But while that’s happening, don’t be afraid to leave a suggestion in the contact slip below, for what February’s theme should be next month. And be sure to check out our stream schedule below, so you won’t miss any of them when we go live. We at Another Castle hope that 2015 will be a fantastic year for all you viewers out there.

All live-streams run from Monday – Saturday at 7pm (EST).

  • John: Monday & Tuesday
  • Brandon: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
  • Spencer: Saturday

Week 1:

1st: The 7th Guest (Brandon)

2nd: Sonic Generations (Brandon)

3rd: Star Fox 2 (Spencer)

5th: Xeodrifter (John)

6th: Legend of Grimrock II (John)

7th: Crazy Taxi (Brandon)

8th: Jade Empire (Brandon)

9th: HeXen: Beyond Heretic (Brandon)

10th: Jackal (Spencer)

Week 2:

12th: Rex Rocket (John)

13th: Broforce (John)

14th: I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream (Brandon)

15th: Serious Sam: The First Encounter (Brandon)

16th: Far Cry (Brandon)

17th: Final Fight 3 (Spencer)

Week 3:

19th: Freedom Planet (John)

20th: They Bleed Pixels (John)

21st: System Shock 2 (Brandon)

22nd: Harvester (Brandon)

23rd: Stars Wars: Battlefront II (Brandon)

24th: Duke Nukem: Zero Hour (Spencer)

Week 4:

26th: Electronic Super Joy (John)

27th: Shovel Knight (John)

28th: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Brandon)

29th: Shadow Man (Brandon)

30th: The 11th Hour (Brandon)

31st: The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (Spencer)


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