Saturday Morning Cartoons: STREET SHARKS

In keeping with the trend of anthropomorphic characters in 90s children’s programming, Street Sharks was Canada’s (with the help of America) answer to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But they’re sharks. From the street. They’re Street Sharks.

After two scientists invent the “gene-slammer” — yes, that’s the super technical science name — the evil doctor (Dr. Paradigm) turns on the good doctor (Dr. Bolton), transforming the good doctor into an unseen anthropomorphic creature that scuttles off into the night. Unfortunately still, the good doctor’s sons are pulled into the mix and gene-slammed into anthropomorphic sharks — you know, like turtles but more extreme ’cause they’re sharks. However, the gene-slamming doesn’t stop there and the evil doctor has his gene-slammer turned against him, transforming him into a piranha hybrid. Anyways, that’s about where it starts sounding less asinine and more lucid as you realize you’ve just bought into the entire plot of anthropomorphic sharks and gene-slammers.

Arguably, Street Sharks is one of many reasons why our generation turned out so strangely.


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One Comment on “Saturday Morning Cartoons: STREET SHARKS”

  1. NVChad2
    01/17/2015 at 7:35 PM #

    OMG, I loved this show so much! haha. I had one or two VHS tapes of the show, plenty of toys, etc. Good memories. :)

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