Brian Michael Bendis To Depart X-MEN Comics in May

Comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis has announced he will be leaving as principal writer on the X-Men franchise with the double-sized Uncanny X-Men #600 in May. Bendis has been writing both Uncanny and All-New X-Men since 2012, following his lengthy runs on The Avengers and Dardevil.

In an exclusive interview with Comic Book Resources, Bendis said that he worked out when he would leave in 2014 in a meeting with Marvel editorial stuff where he realized that Uncanny #600 would come out two weeks before the entire Marvel Universe is rebooted with the start of the Secret Wars event. “It’s funny,” he said, “I’ve become known for doing the longest Avengers run ever and the longest Spider-Man run ever, so I had to tell myself, ‘I don’t have to do that every time! I don’t have to stay on every book forever.'”

Debuting in the 1990s with several independent crime comics like Jinx and superhero detective comic Powers, Bendis was hired by Marvel to launch the Ultimate Universe with Ultimate Spider-Man in 2000, a book he has continuously written. Over the last decade, he has become the most prolific writer at Marvel, orchestrating company wide crossovers like 2013’s Age of Ultron, as well as being the sole working writer on the brain trust that consults on the Marvel Cinematic Universe films.


Source: Comic Book Resources

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