Music Monday — Korean Indie February: KIHA AND THE FACES

With each Music Monday edition provided, we look to introduce our readers to an array of new music and stylings from around the globe. Since the beginning, we’ve showcased everything from anime OST’s to outrun, and strive to continue delivering a diverse and enjoyable selection. Since Another Castle is always evolving, starting monthly themes seemed like a natural transition to make with our weekly and monthly showcases; and with Kpop and the Korean Wave blazing a new trail in the west, it felt like a pretty good time to introduce our readers to some lesser-known groups hailing from South Korea.

But perhaps the biggest change comes by way of no longer simply highlighting a single song, but the group itself. Now instead of just one song every Music Monday, you’ll find multiple tracks showcasing a single artist or group.

So please join us through the month of February for a new Korean indie band each Monday, let us know in the comments what genre you’d like us to highlight in the months to come, and check out our Sound Cloud page for even more Korean indie music.


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