ICHI THE KILLER Director Takashi Miike to Helm Live-Action TERRA FORMARS

Crunchyroll reports that Takashi Miike, the notorious director of films like Ichi The Killer and Audition, has been confirmed to direct a live-action adaptation of the popular sci-fi manga/anime, Terra Formars. In a February 12, 2015 press conference, Miike is quoted as saying, “I’m gonna prove a great film can be made from a great manga. If you despise films, you’ll get burned!”

Terra Formars, written by Yu Sasuga and drawn by Kenichi Tachibara, has been serialized in Japan since 2011 and is published in North America by Viz Media. Set in the far future, the story involves humans fighting for control of Mars against giant humanoid cockroaches who mutated after scientists attempted to colonize the planet using mold and normal cockroaches. A 13-episode anime adaptation aired last fall and is currently available on Crunchyroll.

In his storied career (including directing 13 films between 2001 and 2002), Miike has become famous and controversial for the extreme level of violence in most of his films; Ichi, itself a manga adaptation, has often been called one of the most violent films ever made. Imprint, a Miike-directed episode of the Showtime television series Masters of Horror, was deemed so disturbing by the network that it has yet to air in the US. Miike has also directed critically acclaimed dramas–including 2013’s cop drama Shield of Straw, which competed for the Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival–and well-received adaptations of manga and video games, such as 2012’s Ace Attorney, a partial adaptation of the first game in the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series.


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4 Comments on “ICHI THE KILLER Director Takashi Miike to Helm Live-Action TERRA FORMARS”

  1. 02/16/2015 at 3:27 PM #

    Reblogged this on The Mind of the Hybrid One and commented:
    A TerraFormars live-action movie made by Takashi Miike? Well, I’ve seen the anime and yeah…… it isn’t that good. At all. I wonder with Miike’s direction that he could make a better version of that in a movie than in that 13-episode anime series.

  2. 02/16/2015 at 3:28 PM #

    Given Miike’s record, it’s fair to say he will. Though I thought his Phoenix Wright movie was rather blah

  3. 02/19/2015 at 5:15 PM #

    Reblogged this on Rice Cake.

  4. 02/27/2015 at 3:24 PM #

    Thank you! Glad to hear it

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