Anime of the Month: DEATH PARADE

Welcome to our newest series — Another Castle’s Anime of the Month! As a plethora of new anime releases every season, we will hand-pick what new shows are worth a watch — and it should be no surprise that our first entry is one of the most discussed new series anime of the season, Death Parade.

Death Parade is a direct continuation from their Anime Mirai 2013 short, Death Billiards. The 12-episode series look like to be one of the season’s most alluring shows, largely due to the show’s main theme: death and what comes after.


After death, humans end up in the Quindecim, a form of purgatory disguised as a bar, and are greeted by the mysterious white-haired Decim. Completely unaware of how they stumbled into the bar, the duo are then told they cannot leave until they play and finish a random game to the death.

The ‘Death Games’ allow Decim to gauge each player’s true nature, quickly assessing who shall be reincarnated and who shall be sent to the void — described to visitors as heaven or hell.

Why it’s our ‘Anime of the Month’

  • Surprising and fresh story, particularly so since there is no manga before it.
  • Fascinating character examination through each person’s past and inner workings in the games; even to have the duo’s specific lives be parallel with each other.
  • The characters of the show, specifically the players of the week, stand out as they play the games. Interesting to watch as their past and true nature begins to unravel.
  • A steady balance between death games, adding inventive twists on the games such as darts, video games, etc.
  • It also gives us time to know more of their arbiters and attendings in the Quindecim, seeing how their daily lives are when the show’s not doing any specific death game.
  • The animation and art from Studio Madhouse is outstanding from its dark palette of colors matching the show’s tone and atmosphere. Although it isn’t always like that but that’s mostly during the flashback sequences where it’s more vivid.
  • The opening theme “Flyers” by BRADIO is definitely an upbeat and jazzy song to open an episode to. Especially when this might be one of the few cheery elements of the show.


Death Parade is a refreshing take on both the thriller and mystery, and serves as a sort of human study anime. With its original style and not following any preexisting media, Death Parade leaves the viewer with plenty of surprises and is able to maintain each episode’s creative freedom. A great watch for thriller or mystery anime fans that want their show a bit more sophisticated (like Pet Shop of Horrors).


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5 Comments on “Anime of the Month: DEATH PARADE”

  1. 02/27/2015 at 4:24 PM #

    Reblogged this on The Mind of the Hybrid One and commented:
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I contribute a new type of review series on Another Castle and it is our Anime of the MONTH!! And on this month, it’s all about DEATH PARADE.

  2. 02/28/2015 at 4:43 PM #

    This show, for me, might be the best of the whole year–and the year has barely started!! :)

  3. 03/03/2015 at 6:20 PM #

    @Jamie – I feel the same way. I was hooked from the first episode.


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