Video Game of the Month — January: RESIDENT EVIL HD

Greetings and welcome to Another Castle’s first ever Video Game of the Month segment. On a monthly basis, we will be highlighting a game that stood out above the rest. For this month, I could think of none other than a remaster of a remake of a classic game (that was a mouthful), Resident Evil HD.

As the video game equivalent of a horror movie, Resident Evil fantastically introduced players to the survival horror genre. With its continued success since the first title on PlayStation in 1996, Capcom has released more than 25 spin-offs, sequels, and remakes of its infamous series — if you’re keeping tabs, that’s at least 1 released each year.

With Resident Evil steering away from traditional survival horror in lieu of a more action oriented approach, longtime fans of the series were elated to hear that the Nintendo GameCube’s remake would be making an HD appearance; and, quite frankly, it would’ve taken a lot for Capcom to screw this one up.

Reasons to Play

  • Two main characters to choose from with equally interesting supporting characters
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Story driven game
  • Revamped control scheme with option for the old as well
  • Multiple endings

The Adventure

As either Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine, both members of S.T.A.R.S. — an elite task force created within the Raccoon Police Department dedicated to fighting against terrorist acts and other acts of violence — are dispatched to investigate a strange goings on at the old mansion in the woods.

Once inside, the team learns they are trapped in the zombie ridden outskirts of Raccoon City. Thankfully, the winding mansion is huge and so heavily puzzle laden it seems impossible anyone who lived there ever found a bathroom; oh, and it’s infested with zombies. Throughout the whole ordeal, you’ll come across various zombified beings — dogs, birds, some tarantulas — and solve the mystery behind your missing comrades, unraveling a deep conspiracy that gives you a bigger crime-solving high than Scooby-Doo’s.

Revamped Controls/Graphics

Originally referred to as “tank controls,” RE’s PlayStation One would make your character feel stiff, jerky, and all-around frustrating. You would need to turn around to face a direction before being able to commit to a movement, so it doesn’t feel natural and would, ultimately, pull you out of the game. Series purists or someone looking for a challenge can keep the original controls, while others looking for cleaner character controls welcome the improved controls scheme.

The revamped control scheme along with the enhanced graphics makes the game not feel as dated as it otherwise would be. There are still some rough camera angles in the game, but overall, it is much improved.

The Thrill of the Hunt

Zombies, rabid dogs, and other various threats are your enemies. This isn’t a modern-day shooter in which you can just spray enemies with bullets. As a survival horror title, this game teaches you to use ammo sparingly, because you may not find any for a while. Saving is done in select rooms and you can only hold 8 items before you are full and cannot hold anymore. The only way around this are to access storage areas, in which you can store items you will not be using right away. While your first thought may be to kill all you see, if you waste all your resources in one place, you may just not be able to survive the next. You also acquire defensive items that you can use sparingly as well if an enemy gets a hold of your character. It is a rough game to just jump into but a suspenseful and rewarding one. Never knowing what corner to turn, how much ammo to use, or smart usage of defensive/healing items is what makes the game addicting.

Resident Evil, a gem from the original PlayStation days continues to hold up to this day as one of the better survival horror titles out there. The multiple endings encourage replay value and will keep you coming back time and time again. The anticipation of what is behind the next door (whether it is a new weapon or your incoming doom) is a constant feeling that drives your desire to just keep on playing. Anyone curious about the roots of the survival horror genre and/or fans of horror films are highly encouraged to play this game. While certainly not a brand new game, Capcom does a stellar job of reviving a classic game yet again, while doing just enough to possibly attract a new audience as well.


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Victor has been gaming since his early childhood and plays many games. From retro to modern, his gaming knows no bounds. When not writing or playing games, he can be found engaging conversation on the Twitterverse as well as managing Video Gaming Hard Corps and it's many outlets.

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