GRAND THEFT AUTO V: Keeping Things Fresh a Year and a Half After Release

Rockstar Games announced recently that they intend to finally deliver on their longstanding promise of heist to the world of Grand Theft Auto V. A year and a half after the games release, the announcement has had mixed responses, but players will be excited to find out that Rockstar isn’t stopping with heist.

A recent post on the Rockstar Newswire has stated that the update promises additional content geared at making the immersive sandbox experience “bigger and deeper”.

Unexpected to most players, who simply expected the heist missions promised at launch, Rockstar Games is honoring their promise with a few extra bells and whistles. Aside from the addition of heist, GTA V will receive new adversarial modes, daily objectives and free roam activities which promise to keep things fresh for newcomers and long-term players alike.

New adversarial modes ‘Come Out and Play’, ‘Siege Mentality’ and ‘Hasta la Vista’ will become accessible via heist progression. It is unspecified how much these features are locked but I expect that new missions will be accessed only once completing a certain number of heist or by completing heist linked to specific missions.

‘Come Out and Play’ splits players into two teams, runners, fully equipped with an arsenal of weapons, will flee on foot attempting to reach a location before being killed. The hunters, equipped only with shotguns and riding ATV’s or motorcycles, must track the fleeing players and wipe them out.

‘Siege Mentality’ offers a twisted version of the previously available survival mode, pitting players in a 4 vs 6, base defense scenario. This asymmetrical multiplayer mode drops 4 players into a spawn point in which they must protect at all cost while a 6-player team of attackers, armed only with short-range shotguns, attempts to infiltrate and wipe out the defending team.

Meanwhile, the most absurd mission set, ‘Hasta la Vista’, pits cyclist against truckers. A team of cyclist attempts to reach an objective while avoiding the possibility of becoming a smear upon the pavement, while their opponents, a team of truckers, attempt to paint the town red.

While these adversarial modes offer hours of play for the PvP crowd, Rockstar has also included some free-roam fun for those who prefer to dig around in the sandbox. Daily objectives and free-roam mini-missions promise to keep the world of GTA V fresh and alive. The daily missions sound reminiscent of bounties in Destiny. The objectives will offer three challenges per day and can be stacked on consecutive days, dishing out multiplied rewards for completion upwards of half a million dollars in GTA cash.

Free roam activities will be delivered in the form of randomly occurring phone calls from NPCs Lester, Lamar and Trevor and follow the theme of the characters missions sets from the single player campaign. Request from Lester will require players to evade cops within a designated area. Lamar will request a specific vehicle to be destroyed. Trevor, and his previously established good-buddy companion Ron, may call and ask for an air drop to be prevented, requiring players to destroy planes or helicopters before they reach a destination.

While new missions will deal out the standard RP and GTA cash, free roam objectives will match that and then some. Players will occasionally receive exclusive t-shirts and car mods, according to the post at the Rockstar Newswire. All features will be included within the Heists update, available on March 10, 2015 for console owners, and at launch for PC on April 14, 2015.


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