Video Game of the Month — February: EVOLVE

Welcome one and all to the next edition of Video Game of the Month. For the month of February, the game you should be giving a try (at the very least) is Evolve, made by Turtle Rock Studios, the same developer that brought us the Left 4 Dead series. Evolve is a shooter with unique traits that will keep you coming back, especially if you have a few friends to hunt with or enjoy the satisfaction of hunting down others as a one man army.

Reasons to Play

  • Breath of fresh air in the shooter genre
  • Requires teamwork to take down the monster
  • Hunting the Hunters as the monster feels extremely satisfying and a unique experience
  • Fun if played with friends
  • Unlock system


The main point of the game is to either hunt down the monster or be the monster. Two sides face-off in a mode referred to as “Hunt” and do just that; hunt one another. As the Hunters, you can play as one of four classes. Each of the four classes have three weapons and/or support items and a Class Ability.

The Assault class is the main damage dealer of the party and can cast a “personal shield” which grants temporary invulnerability in battle. The Support uses tools to support the team along with a Cloaking Device as the Class Ability, turning all nearby teammates invisible. The Medic heals the team accordingly and has Healing Burst for a Class Ability, which gives all teammates nearby a great health increase when in a pinch. The Trapper has various traps to keep the monster from escaping. To help with this, the Trapper has the Mobile Arena for their class ability, which is a dome that goes up to trap the monster inside of a select area. Every role plays a key part in taking down one of three monsters that can be picked. In a perfect game, you find the monster early on, use good teamwork, and take the monster down.

As the monster, you are a one man army. This give you a unique feeling of being alone against four others in a fight to the death. If you are found early on, you have to really play your cards right to win. If you do, you feed off wildlife, sneak around the map, perhaps kill a stronger wildlife monster for a buff, evolve to Stage 2 or 3, and destroy the hunters. Another way you can win is to reach level 3 and destroy a power relay that appears on the map at this time. Doing this offers a different level of satisfaction in which you had to work hard to be able to overcome an entire team working together against you. There are three different monsters you can pick from so monster play doesn’t get repetitive too quickly. You can be the Goliath, mostly melee focused with some ranged abilities to help the monster succeed. The Kraken is mostly good a ranged combat with lightning attacks. The Wraith is melee like the Goliath but stealthy and has abilities meant to trick opponents. There is a fourth known as The Behemoth but due to not pre-ordering the game, I cannot speak about this one, so here’s some info to look at.


The game looks impressive visually all around but the stars of the show are the monsters themselves. You can tell lots of love went into the monsters. Because of this, it almost seems as if the stages were made with the monsters in mind. After all, you drop into their zone, and not the other way around. The game makes you wish there was a decent sized campaign instead of a forced one that is online only, much like Titanfall before it.

Hunter or Hunted?

Playing matches levels your character profile and abilities for whichever role/character you pick. What levels and how much it does is completely based on your skill and not just from playing enough matches. Once leveling the four skills for your class or monster, you unlock another character within that same class. For example, the Assault class has three different characters, each with a shared Class Ability but different weapons. With this layer of depth, even if you somehow keep getting the same role over and over, you can still have variety with a further character choice.

While Hunt will be where you find the most players, there are three other modes to play in as well. Nest is a unique mode in which the monster must protect six monster eggs for 18 minutes, where the hunters must destroy the eggs or any minion that can spawn from said eggs before the time runs out. Rescue has hunters protecting injured humans against various monsters throughout the map. Whoever kills or saves five first wins. Defend is an objective based mode in which the Hunter must protect against monsters that are sent into to destroy power generators in a refueling station.

You genuinely get rewarded for skill in this game, so for those tired of the same old shooter game, this is the game for you. It is a simple concept with tons of depth worth playing for yourself to experience on your own.


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