Premiering Summer 2013 and localized by Viz Media soon after, Blood Lad satisfyingly blends action, dark humor, and vampires in a brilliant adaptation to Yuuki Kodama’s manga series.

Although vampire media has grown exponentially in recent years, its over-saturation has caused a stagnancy of the topic. However, with Blood Lad‘s well-balanced approach, vampires just might be cool again.

Blood Lad manages to be highly entertaining, promptly paced and exhilarating. It certainly packs a punch, but due to meandering character development, the show does often feel flat.

Fortunately, the blend of the show’s story, animation and sound manage to land it back on its feet and make the show worth a watch.

However, it is one of those cases where you wish the manga was done before the anime production had even started. If the show would’ve started another year later, it could really have given the full experience to anime fans both aware and unaware of the source material.

Overall, this is a mixed yet entertaining bag. It doesn’t have all the right ingredients of being a top-tier anime and feels like a stereotypical action / comedy anime, but it did give a valiant amount of effort.

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