March Video Game of the Month — DmC: DEVIL MAY CRY: DEFINITIVE EDITION

Back in 2013, Ninja Theory would develop the next Devil May Cry game for Capcom. It is a reboot of sorts for the Devil May Cry series. This was brushed off by die-hard fans due to ease of style ranks and overall a difficulty that proved to be not very challenging. The game simply did not offer enough for the crowd that had already been used to a certain type of experience offered by previous titles. DmC: Definitive Edition for consoles performs better than its last-gen versions and delivers on new modes to attract some of those who found things to be too easy.|

Reasons to Play

  • Increased frame rate for consoles
  • More “hardcore” modes
  • Bloody Palace with Vergil


This shall be mentioned first and very briefly as the graphics are the same as before, except in full 1080p for next-gen on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


If you can get over the fact that Dante doesn’t quite look like he did, this game has improved its gameplay. The improvements come in a variety of different modes or modifiers, if you will, that you can switch on and off to be able to play the game. The game also comes with all skins, except for ones unlocked after beating certain difficulties, and the Vergil’s Downfall expansion.

Hardcore mode makes it harder to get S rank combos or above and is more comparable to the old styling system from the original games. For the ones who simply got SSS ranks in each level with ease, you will have that much of a harder time with one-third of what matters when you get that final rank at the end of each level. To make this even harder, you can combine it with “Must Style” mode, which makes enemies only take damage when you have a S rank of above while taking down enemies.

Turbo Mode makes the game 20% faster. This doesn’t seem like much of a difference at first but if you tend to love fast crazy action, chances are, once you play this, you’ll never go back to regular mode. With Vergil, well, he’s still pretty slow.

The increased frame rate from 30fps to 60fps makes the game more on par with the PC version. The game played terribly slow on its console counterparts at the time. This is one of those games where frame rate does make all the difference and it is noticeable right from the start. This on its own, if you played on console and with 30fps alone, in my opinion, makes it worth trying again.

A mode dedicated to slaying as many demons/bosses as possible, Bloody Palace, is now also playable as Vergil. Just like with Dante’s Bloody Palace, you can rank accordingly on the leaderboards.

A Brand New Challenge

For the ones really looking to accept a new challenge, exclusive to the Definitive Edition of DmC, is “Gods Must Die” mode. Enemies have Devil Trigger mode on at all times, making them deal 2.5x damage, you cannot use items, and no health drops are offered. Combines this with some of the above modifiers and as old school Dante would say, “This is gonna be one hell of a party!” or you know, a few thrown controllers. One or the other.

A minor change is the placement of some of the collectible items, to make them more accessible to players. DmC: Defnitive Edition is exactly what it claims to be with its performance being on par with the PC (with the exception of load times) and added modes only found in this edition of the game. If you ignored the game because it was “too easy”, give this another try. If you still think Dante is “emo”, then I can’t help you there. You’re already convinced this won’t be worth your time.


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