Culture is something that we can all agree it is important to everyone, it not only lets you know more about the costumes and ways of living of other people, as it is an entertaining and educational matter to know as well. And Upper One Games decided to use that as an advantage in their first ever game, Never Alone, which embraces one of the most famous stories of the Iñupian people, an Indigenous Eskimo population.

Never Alone tells the fantastically well pasted story of an Iñupian girl who, with the help of a snow fox, must save its people by finding the origins of sudden blizzards that started appearing from nowhere, and don’t let hunters to do their job.


  • It’s hard to recreate an urban legend as a game, specially as amazingly well as Upper One Games did.
  • Terrific emotional moments are due to make you sad.
  • A great story like this, could only have a great ending like it did.


  • Intelligent puzzles, though too easy sometimes.
  • Good usage of both characters.
  • Sometimes, while platforming, the characters would glitch a little bit, performing some problems to complete certain bits.


  • Astounding Art Style, specially if you consider this as their first game.
  • Awesome usage of the backgrounds.
  • Fantastic Color Plate.


  • A little bit vague, though it can capture the sense of being “alone” in the arctic.


Never Alone taught me a lot about both surviving in such cold environments and the Iñupian people. The game is set to make you understand the importance of sharing and living in a community, as it will also deliver to you a unique experience as through it own visuals and gameplay. This is definitely a must have, and I cannot wait for Upper One Games’ next game.


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Author:Artur Araújo

I'm a 15 year old game journalist, whose currently in a never-ending quest to find the Shangri-La of Non- Microtransactional games.

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