Bethesda Teases FALLOUT Announcement via Twitter

Bethesda Software is sure to cause a stir today after tweeting a vague and mysterious message over Twitter this morning. The tweet went that out on June 2 at 10:37 EDT and simply contained the hashtag “#PleaseStandBy” that included a link to their official site.

What normally looks like your average game site portal has been replaced by a timer set atop iconic imagery found in the Fallout series. The text across the page reads “Please Stand By” and is followed by a timer counting down from 24 hours.

It would seem that Fallout fans may be getting the verification they’ve been waiting for.

The morning of June 3 will tell all. Will Bethesda reveal Fallout 4 in preparation for E3 and verify the rumor so many have been hoping true? Or does Bethesda have another Fallout universe story in mind for fans? Either way, seems like we’re about to find ourselves in the midst of another post-apocalyptic wasteland courtesy of Bethesda soon.

Source: Bethsoft

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