May Video Game of the Month: THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT

CD Projekt RED has put out a huge game very recently known as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. For a game that is bigger than GTA V and Far Cry 3 combined, the game seem to be received quite well, and has more than enough to do in-game to keep you occupied for hours. This was an easy pick for the month of May and we are here to tell you why. For the sake of things being spoiler-free, we shall try to also make this as generic as possible while still convincing you of why this game is a must-play as well as a must-buy.

Reasons to Play

  • Open world game bigger than GTA V and Far Cry 4 combined
  • Epic soundtrack
  • Choices matter in-game and affect your ending
  • More than enough content for your sixty dollars
  • Bar fights


The incredible amount of content you get for your hard earner sixty dollars is almost unheard of in today’s gaming world. You can play just the story and get about 25 hours or so, or do all the game has to offer and play about 200+ hours. No, seriously. The game is that big. If you play it casually only a few hours a day, this game can easily last you months and feed your gaming fix without having to buy another game for a long time. With an open world bigger that seems to be bigger than any other open world game to date, running out of things to do is something you would really have to try hard to accomplish. Did I mention DLC is coming as well, adding even more content. To top it all off, some DLC will even be completely free. We haven’t even started talking about what the game has to offer and it already has selling points going for it.

Fun Characters, Bar Fights, and Pure Adventure

Your main character Geralt is a ladies man and true warrior. Vesemir plays the mentor role very well and you can tell has a long history with Geralt. Yennifer is a love interest for Geralt and quite the interesting sorceress. Ciri, daughter of Yennifer and Geralt, is a reckless child that comes up in age to be a great warrior of her own.

All of these characters (as well as ones not mentioned) are well done and make you actually care about them and this is only naming a few.

What makes this even better are NPC’s (non-playable characters) are equally as interesting. The NPC’s may not be as memorable overall but will lead to interesting game events you won’t forget. One of the better examples of this are walking into pubs and getting into bar fights. One minute you’re enjoying drinks with Vesemir and the next, you’re starting a good old-fashioned bar brawl — to the death. Nothing in this game feels forced and gives you all the good feels a proper open-world RPG should.

Choices and Endings

In a game of exploration and fun, it makes sense to have to make choices. Every choice can matter and change your ending ever so slightly. In a game with 36 different endings and different factors changing how they play out, it is quite possible to get a different ending each time you play through the entire game. Being that choice is an important factor in this game, it is kind of ironic, in a way.

We can come full circle on this whole article right here. We can keep going on about how great this game is but you really need to just play it. One thing this game is not is predictable, which just adds to the sense of adventure and keeps the game always feeling like something thrilling.

We all have choices to make and one of them as gamers is what games we buy. Unless you are not into open world RPG games at all, you’d have a hard time coming up with a way to not feel justified by buying this game even at full price.

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Author:Victor Vellon

Victor has been gaming since his early childhood and plays many games. From retro to modern, his gaming knows no bounds. When not writing or playing games, he can be found engaging conversation on the Twitterverse as well as managing Video Gaming Hard Corps and it's many outlets.

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