SMASH BROS. DLC Announcements – New Stages and New Characters

Announced on June 14, 2015, two separate DLC packs were released for Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS adding two characters that were hinted at through some leaked sound files on Reddit back in April: Roy, former Smash Bros. roster member and Fire Emblem protagonist, and Ryu, Capcom frontman for the popular tournie-fighter Street Fighter.

All of this coming hot off the heels of Lucas being released earlier that very same day. In addition to these three new additions to the roster, Sakurai also announced several new stages for both Smash Bros. platforms with old favorites from the N64 days like Dream Land, Peach’s Castle, and even Hyrule Castle making a reappearance along with Suzaku Castle from the Street Fighter franchise and the formerly announced MiiVerse which is going to be a Wii U exclusive stage.

The N64 Dreamland Stage is currently available for purchase from the eShop for $1.99 individually for either 3DS or Wii U or both for the price of $2.99 with the other two classic stages slated for a release sometime in the near future.

Suzaku Castle, on the other hand, comes bundled with Ryu’s DLC pack which would set you back $5.99 for each individual console with the bundles deal running at $6.99. Lucas and Roy will also be available for purchase with both running $3.99 for individual Wii U/3DS variants and the bundle costing $4.99.

Additionally, several Mii outfits and costumes were made available earlier today – all of which ran a price tag of $0.75 for individual variants and the combo deluxe fetching a whopping $1.15 – with a few highlights being Mega Man X‘s Zero, a Buffalo-Billsian inspired Isabell outfit from Animal Crossing, and Heihachi from the Tekken series.

The entire collection itself – including the new stages, the new additions to the roster, as well as these aforementioned Mii outfits and accessories – nets a price of $21.96 for the individually packaged 3DS/Wii U versions and a grand sum of $29.16 for the whole thing.

Near the end of this announcement, Sakurai also mentioned that Nintendo is currently developing Amiibos for both Roy and Ryu, however, there is no more information at the time other than the fact that – given Nintendos track record with this sort of thing and the stark popularity of both of these new fighters — there will be a very good chance that none of us will ever see much less hold them unless we were willing to grossly overpay a scalper for one.


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