BEYOND EYES Deserves to Be More Than Just a Footnote

Now that E3 has come and gone, it’s time to reflect on what made this year’s show stand above the rest. Surprise announcements left and right and fanboy / girl dreams come true inevitably made this E3 the best in recent memory.

However, there’s this one little indie title that has been passed over by all the other hype trains blazing by: Beyond Eyes. A game that will transport players into another person’s sightless shoes.

Indie Means Indie

Sherida Halatoe first developed Beyond Eyes as her graduation project, when she was receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Game Design back in 2011. The project was meant to show that games can evoke emotions, without stripping the essence of what makes a game fun: the gameplay.

Soon after Sherida graduated, she started her own studio, Tiger & Squid. It was, and still is, staffed solely by Sherida. The goal of her studio is to “create short, beautiful games that can make you happy then sad, and hopefully happy again”. According to her, each project is distinctive and features unique art-styles with emotion-driven gameplay, which give an insight into human psychology.

Lucky for her, and us, in 2014, Tiger & Squid partnered with Team17. This partnership formed with the goal of bringing Beyond Eyes to both console and PCs this 2015.

The Journey

Beyond Eyes puts you in the shoes of  a 10-year-old girl named Rae, who became blind when she was a toddler, due to a fireworks accident. Since then, she has been traumatized with a fear of loud noises and the unknown, preferring to stay at home and being secluded in her garden.

The story takes place, when her pet cat, Nani, goes missing. It is because of this, despite being scared of the outside world, Rae finds the courage to go and venture into the unknown, in search for her cat, and friend, Nani.

The world is scary and mysterious, but with the guidance of the player, you can help Rae overcome her fears and find her feline friend.

Through Her Eyes

So, Rae is blind and the world around her is basically a blank canvas, similar to The Unfinished Swan. You can only see within a certain radius around her and the environment is depicted in how Rae would see the world in her mind, with the help of smell and sound. This, however, can change depending on her mood, whether she is scared or happy. Objects, as well, can change depending on her distance from them, where the sounds and smells around her influence what she visualizes.

This is such an interesting mechanic for exploration and is, literally, venturing into the unknown. You can now feel what it’s like to be a person who with visual impairment, that feeling of not knowing what’s in front of you and the possible dangers, or beauty, that await you.

We all shall help Rae find her cat, Nani, and experience the outside world with her at the same time. Let’s all use our senses to explore the unknown in Beyond Eyes when it comes out this year for Xbox One and PC.

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3 Comments on “BEYOND EYES Deserves to Be More Than Just a Footnote”

  1. 06/21/2015 at 12:25 PM #

    This sounds amazing. Thank you for writing about it. Must keep an eye out.

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    Reblogged this on My Little Romey and commented:
    This game sounds amazing and unfortunately, I didn’t learn about it! I look forward to learning more. Definitely check out the trailer. It’s has great emotional depth and interesting art direction.

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