June Video Game of the Month – DEVIL MAY CRY 4: SPECIAL EDITION

Capcom manages to do it yet again, managing to pull at our heartstrings and offer another swell dose of nostalgia with a remastered version of 2008’s Devil May Cry 4. Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, following in the footsteps of the Special Edition of Devil May Cry 3 for the PlayStation 2, offers updates visuals, Vergil as a playable character, as well as Lady/Trish as playable characters as well. All is presented in a nice package once again (much like Resident Evil HD) for a decent price of $24.99.

Reasons to Play

  • 5 total playable characters
  • Updated visuals
  • A return to the original series (for those who dismiss DmC)
  • Legendary Dark Knight Mode


Five playable characters in total makes this the most amount of characters you can play in a Devil May Cry game to date. You can play the standard story mode with Nero/Dante, change it up and play with Lady/Trish, or play the whole game as Vergil.

Vergil offers his unique style of combat to the table along with some new mechanics (concentration gauge) in the game as well as an ability to switch between Yamato/Force Edge/Beowulf weapons on the fly. Lady offers up a character solely focused on gunplay. Trish offers up a mixed bag of various weapons into one style and looks flashy while doing it.

Each character brings a fresh combat experience, even when the story content and backtracking may be annoying to some.

1080p/60 Frames Per Second

While some may not see this as a big deal, with remastered games, it gives the extra polish to have them stand on their own in the next-generation of gaming. Playing Devil May Cry 4 in full HD looks stunning and pleasing to the eye.

The combat now being upped to 60 frames per second as well means smoother combat, which is of course what a fan of the series will appreciate greatly. This comes in handy especially when there are several enemies on-screen at once, and no drops in frames are noticeable. It is a smooth ride from beginning to end.

Legendary Dark Knight Mode

For those needing a bit extra from a game they already played, this mode has you covered (unless you had the PC version, that is). A previously PC exclusive mode known as “Legendary Dark Knight Mode” offers a new challenge difficulty wise for the demon slaying veterans our there.

The number of enemies that can appear in a given area can greatly increased, of different variety, and just spawn out of nowhere. This essentially makes the game not only harder but more random and keeps you on your toes. For the series vets who never miss a beat combo wise, there are plenty of opportunities in this mode for flashy combo displays and “S rank” combos galore.

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition may not offer a brand new game to the table, but at a great price and three new characters to play as, the value the game offers is enough to justify spending less than retail to either visit it again or play it for the first time and have quite a but to satisfy you. For some fans, playing as Vergil is enough of a reason in itself.

NOTE: This article was delayed longer than usual due to trying to decide between this and a certain caped crusader’s new game. We decided in favor of this due to being a safe bet for your money as opposed to a game that forces a driving mechanic on you that overstays its welcome (Batman: Arkham Knight).


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One Comment on “June Video Game of the Month – DEVIL MAY CRY 4: SPECIAL EDITION”

  1. 07/22/2015 at 10:53 AM #

    These are some pretty nice perks. DmC4 was probably my least favorite game in the series, but it wasn’t terrible and playing as Vergil is pretty awesome. The extra incentives make it a pretty cool collectable

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