10 Korean Films on Hulu Worthy of a Marathon

Although Netflix streaming is pretty awesome, we think we’ve about covered all their worthwhile Asian features over the last couple years. With that said, while Hulu might not be the movie streaming service go-to for most, however, there’s a surprising number of quality films over on the lesser utilized streaming service — particularly so after Netflix’s recent Asian movie purge.

On top of that, while Netflix and Hulu both charge monthly service fees, not all of Hulu’s come with a premium. In fact, every film listed below, except Moss, is free to stream via Hulu’s website — sorry, console and mobile streamers. Sure, you’ll need to sit through some awkwardly placed commercial breaks without a subscription, but, hey, it’s hard to argue with the price.

So clear your calendar this weekend, forget about those dishes soaking, and you could probably get another day out of that shirt before anyone notices: there are some movies you need to watch.

Memories of Murder (살인의 추억) [Thriller | 2003]

In the fall of 1986, a string of brutal rapes and murders blacken a small, sleepy farming town. With the town’s bumpkin detectives causing more harm than good, Seoul detective Tae-Yoon is called in to lend a hand, just in time to discover a third body that fits the killer’s MO. The three detectives now race to put together the limited amount of clues and stop a serial killer in his tracks.

Looking for more dramatic thrillers? Check out Silenced and Parallel Life.

Sunny (써니) [Dramedy | 2011]

Middle-aged life has been a bit unfavorable for Na-mi. With a rebellious teenager, a disconnected and workaholic husband, and mother in the hospital, Na-mi begins reflecting on her heyday high-school life and the close-knit group of friends she never imagined she’d lose touch with. After finding one of the group’s members being treated for cancer at her mother’s hospital, she decides to fulfill her friend’s wishes by reuniting ‘Sunny’ one last time before she passes.

Looking for more drama on Hulu? Check out Punch, Innocent Steps, and More Than Blue.

Moss (이끼) [Thriller | 2010]

After Ryoo arrives in his late estranged father’s rural town, he begins to unravel a deeply buried 30-year-old secret while discovering who his father really was.

Please note: Moss is the only feature on this list that requires a Hulu subscription to view. On the bright side, our additional recommendations for Moss do not.

Looking for more thrillers? Check out Hide and Seek, Best Seller, and Secret.

Scandal Makers (과속스캔들) [Comedy | 2008]

Popular 30-something radio DJ Hyeon-soo has enjoyed his successful post-idol bachelor life. That is until a teenage girl with a son in tow shows up on his doorstep claiming to be his daughter and is in need of a place to stay. Fearing he’ll be blackmailed and unable to continue living the comfortable life he’s grown accustomed to, Hyeon-soo reluctantly decides to take in his alleged daughter and grandson.

Looking for more heartfelt comedies? Check out Spellbound, First Love Rally, and Little Black Dress.

The Attorney (변호인) [Drama | 2013]

Based on the 1981 “Burim case” in which a small-time tax lawyer — who would go on to become the ninth President of the Republic of Korea — opposed an authoritarian SK government, à la McCarthyism, after they arrested 22 students, teachers, and office workers, claiming the members of the book club were North Korean sympathizers based on their book selections.

Looking for more inspirational dramas? Check out Bleak Night (*requires Hulu subscription) and Over the Border.

Cyrano Agency (시라노) [Rom-Com | 2010]

In a modern take on the classic Cyrano de Bergerac, dating service Cyrano Agency hide in the shadows while feeding a script to their lovelorn customers as the lovesick attempt to woo their love interests.

Looking for more feel-good rom-coms? Check out Finding Mr. Destiny and My Tutor Friend 2.

The Unjust (부당거래) [Crime, Drama | 2010]

Highlighting South Korea’s corruption within the police force, The Unjust follows Detective Choi, who is consistently overlooked despite a healthy track record. But as the police scramble to urgently close a child serial killer and rapist case in an attempt to shift the glaring spotlight away, Choi is persuaded to cooperate in the department’s malfeasance and make an arrest in order to earn his long-awaited promotion.

Like for more intense dramas? Check out Man from Nowhere, Secret Reunion, and Bad Guy.

White: The Melody of Curse ( 화이트: 저주의 멜로디) [Horror | 2011]

When girl group ‘Pink Dolls’ discover an old unreleased song performed by an unknown group, they decide to record it as their own in an attempt to finally get a hit. Unfortunately for the group, they quickly discover why such an addictive song never hit it big.

Looking for more Korean horror on Hulu? Check out Dead Friend, February 29th, Dark Forest, and The Loner.

Hwayi: A Monster Boy (화이: 괴물을 삼킨 아이) [Thriller | 2013]

Raised by five fathers and hidden away from the world, 16-year-old Hwa-yi finally learns that his “fathers” are really a criminal organization who have been training him to become the perfect killer.

Looking for more thrillers on Hulu? Check out Lady Vengeance and 19 (Nineteen).

Nameless Gangster (범죄와의 전쟁) [Drama | 2012]

With organized crime at an all-time high, the 80s were a ripe time for one corrupt customs official, who recently discovered a hefty amount of crystal meth, to go into the criminal business. After teaming up with a low-level gangster, the duo become Busan’s most feared and renowned crime bosses.

Looking for more seedy underworld dramas? Check out Friend, Rough Cut, and Open City.



Let us know in the comments what you’ll be watching and if you’ve enjoyed any of our suggestions!

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