July Video Game of the Month – ODALLUS: THE DARK CALL

Developer/Publisher of Odallus: The Dark Call, JoyMasher, has managed to put out a great title recently. Odallus is a relatively new title done in 8-bit style and recaptures the great days of  the Castlevania titles back on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Although on the short side for the amount of gameplay you get out of it, the journey is both a joyous and fulfilling one.

Reasons to Play

  • Stellar retro game that takes one back to the Castlevania days
  • $15 for a new and fun title
  • Soundtrack and stages are top-notch
  • Various enemies and attention to detail


One thing this game really has going for it is the variety of monsters which all have different attack patterns. Taking a page from Castlevania games, even the minor enemies you fight are memorable. The bosses are equally as enjoyable as one of the things that stand out about the game. When you combine this with a great soundtrack and various locations that perfectly capture the games dark tone it has going for it, slaying enemies with main character Haggis is an immersive experience worth having for a fraction of a normal sixty dollar triple-a title game. The game will throw small puzzles at you from time to time to mix things up as well.

Ditch the Whip, Swordplay Is In

While Haggis lacks the range of the trusty whip we are used to in Castlevania titles, the sword becomes fun to use. At first it may seem underwhelming, but you can upgrade it as you proceed in the game, increasing both its speed and power. For those not sold on the sword, there are various sub-weapons (also like Castlevania) to make up for the range not covered by your default weapon. Throughout, you can also increase your maximum health and upgrade your armor so you are better equipped to deal with stronger enemies. The game, while simple on the surface, has enough depth to keep you going and not feeling like you are doing the same thing every level. All the good traits of a “old-school” platformer game are done well and with style in this title. All the action is smooth throughout, so you won’t notice any frame hiccups here.

Going Back For More

There’s a reason we keep mentioning Castlevania here. A single visit to a level may not grant you everything you can get from the it. You can go back to collect other items and not have to fight the boss again to be able to explore all you like. Collecting various relics and upgrades keeps the game fresh and make a journey that ends all too soon that much sweeter.

Odallus: The Dark Call for fans of the NES era is an easy recommendation. Priced at $15, you can’t go wrong. The game handles just as well, if not better than the older Castlevania titles it mimics. For anyone else, you get a memorable experience with a likable atmosphere for a fraction of the price of today’s games.


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Author:Victor Vellon

Victor has been gaming since his early childhood and plays many games. From retro to modern, his gaming knows no bounds. When not writing or playing games, he can be found engaging conversation on the Twitterverse as well as managing Video Gaming Hard Corps and it's many outlets.

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