Bethesda Talks Big Plans For FALLOUT 4 Post Release

In the wake of one of the largest game unveilings in recent years, Bethesda continues to prove just how talented they are at predicting what their fans want, and delivering. Constantly aware of the climate within the video gaming culture, they make sure to reassure the fan base that the thing they love is going to be good.

An announcement today, September 9, on one of Bethesda’s pages assures fans that, not only will there be support for Fallout 4 in case of any flaws, but that they intend to deliver continuous quality content. And the price tag is worth some excitement as well.

The touchstones of the post are Updates, Mods, and DLC. And as stated previously, Bethesda knows how to reassure that this is going to be good.

Updates following the release of Fallout 4 will, as usual, fix any pop up bugs that Bethesda may have missed, but they also make a point to say that’s not all that will be featured. Occasionally, updates will include new content, similar to the handling of Skyrim. So it’s possible we will see developing gameplay features and perhaps even new items as updates are made to the game. 

War never changes. But Fallout sure does. Mods are one feature that PC based fans of the series have enjoyed so much, extending the possibilities for whacky fun into infinity. This time, it won’t just be for PC players. Bethesda has already made it a point to say that mods are coming to Xbox One, but there was confusion about whether or not PS4 would see this capability. That has been laid to rest. Bethesda states clearly in the post that PC will first receive mod support, followed by Xbox One, and eventually PS4 in the following months after release.

And then there’s this thing about DLC; the content that, after easily 60 hours of gameplay in Fallout 3, can carry you well past the 100 hour mark. Fallout 4 will feature a Season Pass that will unlock all DLC content released for a super affordable price tag of $30. That’s less than you’d spend on a cheap date, and let’s faces it, you want that Fallout content.

So, announcing the promise of constant support, modding capabilities for all, and what will certainly amount to hours and hours of DLC for just $30, Bethesda seems to have driven one more stake in their railway to the release of Fallout 4. The excitement is palpable. November 10, you can’t get here fast enough.

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  1. MrLuvva’s Luv-In #18 | mrluvvaluvva - 09/14/2015

    […] Bethesda Talks Big Plans For Fallout 4 Post Release – Again, this makes it here for the informative aspect; while I’m excited for Fallout 4 I’m not buying it anywhere near release. These games are bloody annyoingly broken when they leave Bethesda’s doors and it’s good to know that GOTY Edition is going to feature fixes. It’s scary that a company is saying they’ll be patching a game for bugs etc after release…do they know something we don’t? […]

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