BRAID Creator Jonathan Blow Finally Announces Release Date for THE WITNESS

Jonathan Blow, the man behind the famously well received game Braid, released a trailer for his long running project The Witness on YouTube today showing off the game’s surreal scenery and ending in a release date.

The Witness, an exploration based game featuring vibrant landscapes and pebbled with handcrafted puzzles –all intricately designed, tested, and retested all by Blow himself, has finally received a release date and will be playable on PS4 and PC on January 26, 2016.

The project has been the focus of Blow’s attention ever since the release of Braid back in August of 2008. In a piece on Engadget back in February of 2015, Blow spoke to the fact that he has spent all of his funds from the previous project, siphoning them to make the creation of The Witness a possibility. And in that same month, Blow basically live tweeted a speed run of the game, updating progress as he went. The final tweet reported that he was able to complete the game in just over 6 hours. Assuming he knows the ins and outs of his own game, that should be quite a bit shorter than an average play through. Later on, when tweeting about another player with no previous knowledge of the game, he would go on to state that the game could potentially run for upwards of 70 hours. Needless to say, there seems to be a ton of content in this pleasant little indie exploration game as a result of Blow’s diligence.

Following the bigger release season and falling in what is typically one of the slower release windows each year, The Witness should be a perfect palate cleanser following months of Metal Gear Solid and Fallout. January seems like it may be a little brighter now. Thanks, Mr. Blow.


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