August Video Game of the Month – GEARS OF WAR: ULTIMATE EDITION

An obvious trend over this current console cycle is the rise of remastered games. Yet another gets picked for this month’s recommendation. A Xbox 360 classic, Gears of War was originally made by Epic Games, with Black Tusk Studios responsible for the Ultimate Edition. The title hits the Xbox One with style. Chainsawing action with Delta Squad and company has now hit the video game world and it looks and plays better than ever.

Reasons to Play

  • New campaign content to console players (previously only seem on the PC release)
  • Enhanced visuals and 60 FPS treatment
  • Added Characters/Skins/Maps
  • Dedicated Servers

Welcome to Delta Squad

Few games did it like Gears of War back in the day. The cover system and how it throws you right into the action. Making you feel like a part of the team from beginning to end. Feeling loss within the game early on (um…spoiler alert?). The intense battles with the Berserkers. The genuine feeling of desperation when Wretches attack from above and below in a hallway. This game with the way its storytelling is done and the variety of Locust you find yourself having the shoot up or chainsaw through makes for an experience any third-person action fan should check out, if for some reason they have not already. The first title walks a fine line by having similarities to a survival horror title because you are in more cramped areas in this title than in the Gears games that would come after.

Maps/Content Galore

Fans of multiplayer not only get the original experience but lots of additions as well. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition ships with 19 maps total, no DLC required, has skill based matchmaking, and now plays on dedicated servers for less online issues. A smooth online experience (much improved since the beta) makes for a game that feel dated by today’s standards but can still hold its own. The “spotting” feature from Gears of War 3 returns to point out enemies to teammates who otherwise wouldn’t know what is going on. Many characters from Gears 3 such as Anya Stroud and Samantha Byrne are now available to be played in this version of the game along with multiple skins to customize your weapons of choice. Also, from Aug. 25 to Dec. 31, purchasing a copy of the game gives you access to the digital versions of the backwards compatible versions of every other game in the Gears of War series.


All facts considered, $40 for this game is a steal. You get the best version of the game to date along with four others. This is up there with the Master Chief Collection as far as value goes but misses the mark since the games are not all on the same disc, nor will any of the others have graphical enhancements or multiplayer improvements. Even with this being the case, if budget gaming is a thing for you, you can’t go wrong here unless you don’t like the game at all. Bring a friend to enjoy it all with you and the case is made even stronger for this title.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is an easy recommendation to new fans of the series and a mostly easy one for new fans. If you’re a multiplayer person and didn’t care for how it played before, this remaster won’t do much to pull you back in. For those who don’t know any better or old school Gears vets that enjoy the skill involved in the first Gears of War title in comparison to all the ones to follow, this game cannot be passed up. A look into how cover systems would come to be both educating yourself and having fun while doing so is very much worth the asking price.


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Author:Victor Vellon

Victor has been gaming since his early childhood and plays many games. From retro to modern, his gaming knows no bounds. When not writing or playing games, he can be found engaging conversation on the Twitterverse as well as managing Video Gaming Hard Corps and it's many outlets.

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