PS Plus Games Announced for October — But What Happened to ‘Vote to Play’?

A post over at the PlayStation Blog has revealed an exciting October line up of free games for PS Plus subscribers. Topping off this coming month’s selection will be the intense, side-scrolling platformer Super Meat Boy and Double Fine’s latest adventure, Broken Age

Edmund McMillen, who brought us the crucial must-play title Binding of Isaac, has finally brought its predecessor, Super Meat Boy, to PlayStation. Formerly bouncing around on nearly every other platform since 2010, the game has been exceptionally well received and will finally be playable on PlayStation 4 and Vita.

On the other side of that coin is Double Fine’s, Broken Age, the game that allowed Tim Schafer and Double Fine to set crowdfunding records back in 2012 — raising nearly 3.5 million within the first month. Unlike Super Meat Boy, Broken Age was previously released on PlayStation 4 and Vita back in April, 2015. But PS Plus subscribers who haven’t previously purchased the game will now be able to snag the title for free! Missing this opportunity is inadvisable.

Alongside Super Meat Boy and Broken Age for PS4, PS Plus members will also be receiving Unmechanical Extended (PS4/PS3), Kickbeat (Vita, PS3), Kung Fu Rabbit (Vita, PS3), and Chariot (PS3). 

“So, what happened to the whole ‘Vote to Play’ thing that PlayStation was doing?” Good question. The PlayStation Blog made no mention of the ‘Vote to Play’ model that PlayStation used to decide September’s free game lineup. Last month, PS Plus subscribers voted between 3 titles, eventually voting Grow Home to be the free game of the month. Perhaps this was a one time occurrence. 

Last but not least… well, actually this is sort of minuscule news. The PS Plus free version of Driveclub will be removed from the list of free downloads once October hits. If you’re in the small boat of folks that wanted this title but still haven’t snagged it since it became available — your window is closing.

Any and all changes made to the PlayStation Store reflecting new free games becoming available and old ones disappearing will happen, as usual, on the first Tuesday of the month. That’s next Tuesday, October 6.


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