PARIS GAMES WEEK: The Scoop from Sony’s Show

Sony held their conference at Paris Games Week Tuesday and while there was some old news, there were a few new things worth noting. Viewing wasn’t particularly difficult with nearly every gaming site hosting a stream of the show but, of course, some didn’t have a chance to watch. Just in case you fall into that category, here’s the basic run down.

Call of Duty

An exciting beginning, right? Apparently, all add-on content for the upcoming Black Ops III will be released on PlayStation first, 30 days before any other platform.

Super Street Fighter V

Two crazy Japanese men got on stage and screamed at each other for a while before finally announcing the game’s upcoming release date, February 16, 2016.

Tekken 7 

Following the Street Fighter V news, more awesome Japanese people came upon the stage, showed an intense trailer and announced that Tekken 7 is indeed coming. Not a fan of the fighting genre? Watch the trailer. The intensity is pretty high in this one.

Battle Born

While nothing new was mentioned, this first person shooter with systems and customization resembling that of a MOBA still looks real nice. 


This is one that may take a second look, or even third, to really grasp what it is. This intriguing sci-fi/Minecrafty/exploration adventure simply looks nice. I’m sincerely looking forward to seeing more of this game and figuring out exactly what’s going on.

Avicii Vector

The showing of this one was a bit vague. At the same time, I think I get it. Some guy, I’m assuming an established DJ, talks about bringing music to games. Sure. Why not? No one’s done that yet.

No Man’s Sky

Finally, a release date. Or more so a vague release window that will likely get pushed back. But for now, we can look forward to June 2016 for this PS Exclusive.


This is another one in which there’s not much to say. Watch the trailer and check out what could amount to some pretty good sci-fi radness.

Ratchet and Clank

Oh, man. Just check this out and try not to feel like a child in a toy store.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

A live gameplay walkthrough shows more of the interactions with the environment and enemies. Also, this game is just plain beautiful.

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

Nothing really new here. As released at Tokyo Game Show, this DLC for the hit game Bloodborne will be released on November 24, 2015.

Drive Club

Now featuring Bikes. While this is an easy one to dismiss, it is worth noting that they pulled an “Available Tonight” for fans of the series. The new content featuring motorcycle racing was announced and released today, October 27. 

Gravity Rush 2

The follow-up to the hit Vita title by Keiichiro Toyama unveiled a gameplay trailer showcasing 2 new combat styles unique to the sequel.

Uncharted 4

New multiplayer announced and showcased showing some pretty off the wall multiplayer features.


Announced at E3 earlier this year, this one left many with questions. The gameplay demo features some pretty unique play systems and mechanics, the likes of which only Media Molecule could think up.

PlayStation VR

Until Dawn Rush of Blood

Announced as VR follow-up to horror narrative adventure Until Dawn.

Robinson the Journey

New dinosaur VR from Crytek. 

Gran Turismo Sport

VR capable. Beta early 2016.


PS Exclusive. Play as a shaman possessing animals, riding bears, and generally just being a real cool person.

Detroit Become Human

New title from Quantic Dream, creators of Heavy Rain. A beautifully assembled game about sentient artificial intelligence. So, Terminator — based on tech demo Kara.


Some new titles and a few bits of new information on ones we already knew about. Sony is most definitely NOT slacking in 2016 and if things continue like this, it’s going to be hard for Microsoft to close that sales gap.

One take away here: with so many promising titles, PlayStation VR seems like it will quickly become a must have for those wanting to check out some of the higher end experiences Sony has to offer. Good for them but perhaps not so good for our wallets.


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3 Comments on “PARIS GAMES WEEK: The Scoop from Sony’s Show”

  1. 11/03/2015 at 12:56 AM #

    I was pretty impressed with the lineup at PGW. Kinda Funny was talking about Boundless on their PSILoveYouXOXOX show and they said it’s a single server that hosts every player online under one giant open world game.. or something. I’m definitely intrigued by all the portals and neat looking worlds, but I’ll need to see some actual gameplay first.

    Horizon looks incredible still, and seeing it played was all I needed to solidify a purchase whenever it decides to come out. I’ve never been fond of Killzone, but this definitely shows the team is more than capable of creating something different.

    The trailers for WiLD, Detroit, and Gravity Rush 2 were pretty excellent, at least from a hype building standpoint. Housemarque is a flawless developer, so I’m definitely looking forward to Matterfall. Bloodborne DLC is a must. Just a lot of cool stuff overall.


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