September Video Game of the Month: CASTLE CRASHERS REMASTERED

It would have been way too easy to go with Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain for the September pick. Instead, we decided to go with something that will cost you as little as fifteen dollars or even nothing at all. Castle Crashers Remastered is a gem from last generation gaming and even more fun with friends. Castle Crashers, developed and published by The Behemoth is a classic beat-em-up style game with RPG elements with plenty of characters to choose from and several levels to play through, and now is touched up to look better than before as well.

Reasons to Play

  • Value – Between $0 to $15 (details below)
  • Couch Co-op or Co-op on Xbox LIVE
  • Several characters and levels to keep gameplay fresh
  • New Game + for a much more challenging game

Less Is More…But You Do Get Quite A Bit

Castle Crashers Remastered at the core is quite a simple game. You pick from one of four colored knights each with different abilities and play through various levels to save four different princesses that are captured by various bosses. The game has much humor and never really takes itself that seriously, which make the end result feel like lots of love was put into the game.

You can also get various power-ups to use as sub-weapons as opposed to the main weapon you use (of your choice) throughout the game. Along the way, you shall get gold to buy and try new weapons, or potions for health, and so on. There are many levels in the game and first playthrough can take a decent amount of hours the first time around.

New Game Plus

Castle Crashers Remastered becomes a real easy game after a few levels (character XP) and the right weapons. For the ones that seek a challenge, New Game + offers a harder game, to the point where it seems near impossible. You can bring all your weapons, animal orbs (familiars that provide usually stat boosts or attack enemies), XP, unlocked characters, and pretty much everything. The bosses have about ten times more health and enemies also do much more damage. The only thing that makes this mode less relentless is if you have a friend(s) to play this with. Castle Crashers is pretty much meant to be played with other to begin with so it all works out.

Plenty For What You Pay For

This tends to be a category highlighted in each recommendation. Castle Crashers Remastered has thirty-one playable characters, even more weapons to choose from, and a hefty amount of levels. All of this was completely free if you owned it on the Xbox 360, provided you downloaded the game between Sept 9 (when it released) and Sept 20. If you missed this timeframe, the game is still discounted at five dollars. If you are first time player and never owned it before it got remastered, it is full price at fifteen dollars, which is still a great deal for the story content + mini-games + online play that you get.

Castle Crashers Remastered is a beat-em-up style game much along the lines of Final Fight or Streets of Rage that is lots of fun to play with friends and has enough content to keep you occupied for hours and get a few laughs out of you in the first time around. Being an indie game, you pay less than retail for an experience that was worth having back when it originally released for the Xbox 360 and still stands up to this day looking better than ever.


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