PLAYSTATION EXPERIENCE Wrap-Up: The Good, the Bad, and the VR

Sony held their second annual PlayStation Experience on December 5-6, 2015, and featured a two-hour keynote that was sure to offer something for everyone. The conference showcases everything Sony has planned in their upcoming year of releases in a press event style setting but with doors open to the public.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a plane ticket to San Francisco and a weekend worth of lodging. In case you were one of the many unable to attend or watch via live stream — the PlayStation keynote went a little something like this.

Sony to Co-fund Call of Duty World League Season

Activision’s new E-Sports community, World League, is launching with Black Ops III and Sony has announced stake in this with a Sony/Activision partnership.

Dead Star

Top-down space shooter from Armature Studios.

Adult Swim

Packing a heavy punch, Adult Swim came with plenty to show. Six new games in 2016 include: Death’s Gambit, Ray’s the Dead, Duck Game, Rain World, Small Radios Big Televisions, and a partnership with Double Fine that produced Head Lander.

Double Fine

Along with the announcement that Day of the Tentacle will hit in March of 2016, Tim Schafer let loose another that another classic Lucas Arts adventure game, Full Throttle, is the next in line to get the remaster treatment. He went on to say that his Fig campaign for Psychonauts 2 plans to release on PlayStation 4 as well as mentioning that Psychonauts: In the Rhombus of Ruin will release on PlayStation VR.

Klei Entertainment

Invisible Inc. and Don’t Starve Together finally making the jump to console in 2016.

Zodiac Orcacon Odyssey


Yakuza 5 will make its PlayStation 3 debut in the west on December 8, 2015, and Yakuza 0 has been revealed.

Last Blade 2

Classic Japanese arcade fighting game to make PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita debut in the West in 2016.

The Kingdom of Fighters XIV

SNK Playmore to bring The Kingdom of Fighters XIV to the west in 2016.


Upcoming historical action game from Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo. PlayStation exclusive.


MLB The Show 16

Never seen baseball look so damn good…


Fat Princess Adventures

Announced and released for purchase the day of the keynote!

Destiny’s Live Team Unveiling Sparrow Racing League

Bungie recently announced the formation of their new live support team for Destiny and they used PlayStation Experience to show a new public event. Much in the vain of The Iron Banner, the Sparrow Racing League is a pop up event that offers Guardians a chance to finally put their sparrows to good use and earn new armor, weapons, and even sparrows by winning racing circuits. Launches December 8, 2015.


Ni No Kuni II Revanant Kingdom

Ni No Kuni is back.


New high action MOBA from Epic Games.

PlayStation VR

A humorously botched live presentation proved, yet again, that it may be sometime before there is a good way to show VR to an audience. For now, we’ll take their word on it.

Moving into the actual games for VR, it becomes clear that VR will be goofy and fun, but perhaps more shallow than we would all like. While some of the experiences presented look playfully fun, it would take more to get the average consumer to buy in to the expectedly steep price point.

Here’s what’s to come on PlayStation VR in the near future:

Rez Infinite

There’s no telling what’s actually going on here but if the game comes with that neon, full body suit that resembles something someone may wear to an EDM festival…. I think they might dip into an unexpected user market.

Eagle Flight

Really, Ubisoft? Sure, it looks pretty but it’s probably going to take more than an eagle flying sim to sell unit — just a guess.

The Modern Zombie Taxi Co.

Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives

Perhaps one of the more entertaining games shown for VR, Job Simulator allows some of the freedoms we all wish we had in the office place.


Dipping into more robust VR experiences, Golem doesn’t show much but offers plenty in the realm of intrigue.

100 Foot Robot Golf

Best in Show Award, right here!

Ace Combat 7

A combat based flight simulation for VR… who would have guessed. In all seriousness though, this game looks amazing and it more on the scale of what consumers are hoping to see on VR platforms.


Of course, with so many conferences and press events nowadays, there is plenty of redundancy. Some news is actually news and other is simply reiterating on to previously established announcements. Check out our PlayStation coverage from Paris Games Week and E3 if you’d like to see more what Sony has announced over the past year.

Here is some of the smaller, but still poignant, points made throughout the show.

  • Uncharted 4 was shown and, as expected, is still beautiful.
  • Same goes for the Final Fantasy 7 remake.
  • Call of Duty Black Op III will get the Awakening DLC 30 days early on PlayStation.
  • Battleborn will feature of full, robust campaign playable single player OR co-op and those who participate in the PS4 open beta will receive an unlockable character, unique to PlayStation.
  • Super Street Fighter V has announced the character ‘Fang’, as well as the first 6 characters to be released year 1 — Alex, Guile, Balrog, Ibuki, Jorim and Urien.
  • Bastion, from Supergiant Games, has finally received a PlayStation Vita release and is available now.


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