5 Best Anime of 2015

2015 is about to come to a close and it’s time to reminisce about the highlights of 2015. It has been an especially excellent year for anime, from the surprising announcements (Hunter X Hunter [2011] being licensed by Viz Media, FUNimation Broadcast dub program expansion, Higurashi Legend of the Galactic Heroes being rescued by Sentai Filmworks, etc.) to the great shows that came out this year with every season offering something spectacular.

5. Death Parade

I’ve already talked about the show earlier this year, but it’s an easy fit into the top 5 best of the year. Along with stellar animation courtesy of Madhouse, a cheery opening theme that is rather needed, and a good amount of genuine surprise in each episode, Death Parade is a captivating series from beginning to end.

4. Blood Blockade Battlefront (Kekkai Sensen)

At the time before the show was airing, no one expected this show to be as good as it was and even after it aired its 11 episodes with the 12th episode delayed into Fall, this is still one of the most entertaining shows to debut this year. The show has the style of Baccano & Durarara with an X-Men-like twist, only the original source is from the author of Trigun with these wild and hilarious characters that has some sharp writing to them and has the episodic nature along with an overarching plot to it in the similar nature to Bebop or Champloo.

3. Gangsta

Once again, this is another show I’ve talked about in the past (along with two other shows that turned out greater than before) and while many people have issues with the ending, this is still a valuable show that people should check out from the appropriate dark and bleak atmosphere in the city of Ergastulum with 3 interesting leads in Worick Archangelo, Nicolas Brown, and Alex Benedetto along their backstories and present ones revolving around the Twilights and the score by Tsutchie is probably one of the most unusual music in anime I’ve heard since Samurai Champloo. The only sad thing with this is we’ll probably never gain a second season from this and the loss of influential anime studio Manglobe.

2. My Love Story

It’s one of the sweetest anime to ever debut this year and it handles the romance elements better than most shows do in this genre. The male lead Takeo is what most people cast him as the sidekick but here, he is the lead and a noble and awesome character and Yamato is as adorable as the animators made her out to be. The best aspect of the show is the fact they waste no time getting them together in 3 episodes and we see how the relationship goes from then and it was handled well that isn’t too overly dramatic or saccharine.

1. One Punch Man

I know many of you already knew I was going to add this on my list because everybody and their grandmother praises it but it’s true. One Punch Man lived up to the hype and it was an amazing show from start to finish. Saitama is the perfect example of an overpowered character in anime that doesn’t get overused too quick, have a laid back personality or just a personality overall, and actually shows that being overpowered isn’t always a good thing. The shows packs a large amount of humor along with expanding upon the other heroes who may not be as strong as Saitama but wants to prove their worth as a hero.


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  2. 12/30/2015 at 10:00 AM #

    Death Parade and One Punch Man were both breaths of fresh air this year definitely. Madhouse had a remarkable year overall.


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