Winter 2016 Anime Worth Watching

A plethora of new anime titles have debuted and, like every season, there’s bound to be some gems and some stinkers right out the first gate. With that said, this is going to be a bit different than the last time, as this is focused on shows they aren’t continuations or sequels; meaning second seasons of Assassination Classroom, Snow White with the Red HairDurarara!!x2 (on its final arc) will not be included on this list.

The subjects for this talk involves a lot of coils, time traveling and talking about snacks. A lot of snacks.

Dimension W

In the year 2036, a fourth dimension, W, is discovered and is shown to feature a gigantic supply of renewable energy. Deciding to harness its power, all the governments of the world create fusion reactors called coils, which take the energy and shift it into power plants, thereby creating a permanent energy source for the world. However, by the year 2071, coil technology has been monopolized by a company named New Tesla Energy, and soon illegal, dangerous coils begin to spring up from an unknown source.

With New Tesla unable to stop the rise on their own, groups of people known as “Collectors” set out to confiscate the illegal coils themselves. Among the collectors is Kyoma Mabuchi, a progress-hating loner who one day stumbles upon Mira Yurizaki, the gynoid “daughter” of New Tesla’s ailing founder, who is initially powered by an illegal coil. With her father having committed suicide to avoid capture, Mira decides to join a reluctant Kyoma and his group in their quest to find illegal coils, in the process discovering shady business involving New Tesla.

Why it’s Worth Watching:

  • The show has an energetic vibe following the concept of these coils being outlawed due to their highly destructive powers.
  • Kyoma as the loner type is intriguing when he and Mira become partners as she is the wanderer of the duo. It’s the wonder of how the partnership might progress later on.
  • Opening theme instantly matches the kinetic state of the show. Even with the awkwardly bad dancing from Kyoma.
  • A bright and futuristic look coming from relatively unknown studios Orange and Studio 3HZ.
  • It’s also interesting to know that FUNimation (who licensed the anime in the US) is actually part of the anime production committee for this show as it’s not too often that happens.


The story follows Satoru Fujinuma, a man who possesses an ability that sends him back in time moments before a life-threatening incident, allowing him to prevent it from happening. When his mother is killed, Satoru’s ability suddenly sends him back eighteen years to when he was still in elementary school, giving him the opportunity to prevent a kidnapping incident that took the lives of three of his classmates.

Why it’s Worth Watching:

  • The time-traveling approach with the mystery of a cold case of a serial kidnapper along with the rules of that set in the show itself. (i.e., the Butterfly Effect)
  • Captivating and amusing main characters that has an sufficient measure of character development in few episodes.
  • Atmospheric and calming animation from studio A-1 Pictures that is reminiscent of their other efforts, wherever they are their best or worst.
  • The story pacing that is well-balanced as its equally fast and slow. Never too much of the other.
  • Every moment of the show does leave a tense feeling near the middle or the end of an episode, wanting you to go back for more and seeing if they pulled off a twist.

Dagashi Kashi

Kokonotsu “Coconuts” Shikada dreams of becoming a famous manga artist. The only problem: he’s terrible. His real talent is selling the complex and delicious snacks in his father’s “dagashi” shop. He never thought much about the family business until the trendy, eccentric Hotaru showed up. As a lover of dagashi, inexpensive candies targeted towards children, she can’t let his talent go to waste and decides she won’t stop ‘til she’s sold him on sweets.

Why it’s Worth Watching:

  • If you’re a foodie and/or want to know more of local Japanese snacks, the show explain that in each episode such as Namaiki beer, Menko, Umaibo, etc.. Be prepared to get hungry.
  • Hotaru is easily the highlight of the show due to her obsession with dagashi and her eccentric nature overall.
  • One of the few anime comedies that has some fan service with its characters but it doesn’t become too overwhelming or distracting from its other elements (something other shows failed to do such as Myriad Colors Phantom World)
  • Simple style of animation that is fitting for the show with unique and bizarre character designs, particularity Hotaru.


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  1. 02/12/2016 at 3:48 PM #

    Reblogged this on The Mind of the Hybrid One and commented:
    MAK here again at Another Castle and I’m doing another piece of what new anime you should be watching this season.

  2. 02/20/2016 at 6:52 PM #

    I’ve been watching ERASED thus far. It’s good, but has some problems I can’t address until I see a conclusion. I’ll say that the protagonist is pretty uninteresting. After reading Monster years ago and watching the visceral struggle of Dr. Tenma trying to catch Johan, Satoru is just boring by comparison. Also, as far as keeping me invested in watching the full 22 minutes, this show is not good at it. Most of my time is spent looking at visual clues instead of paying attention to what the characters actually have to say, then anticipating what this episode’s ending cliffhanger is going to be. But, like I said, I do like it, it’s just hard to call it amazing.

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