DEADPOOL Review: X Gon’ Give It To Ya

Superhero movies  are for families to get together, sit back, eat some popcorn, and just have a jolly good time. Deadpool, however, is not a lighthearted romp, family fun kind of superhero movie, and that’s awesome.

Yes, Deadpool is a different kind of superhero movie and is so different that it is on a whole other league from its contemporaries. Other super hero movies offer morals to strive for and purport deeper meanings to the story and character. Deadpool, on the other hand, just aims to have a good time. Also, it’s the best damn redemption for a movie, ever.

The Merc With A Mouth

The movie’s beloved character is played by Ryan Reynolds, who is the one person in this world born to play Marvel’s favorite mercenary. Reynolds brings his wit and charm to the character, which is basically the same as Deadpool’s, making it a match made in heaven. He always has snappy comebacks and witty remarks as his ammunition and, of course, is of no short supply when it comes to breaking the fourth wall and using meta humor. A lot of his lines reference other marvel properties, even outside of the Fox owned franchises.  Also, be prepared to brush up on some of your 80’s and 90’s pop culture references.

Not only does Reynolds play a great Deadpool, but his portrayal as Wade Wilson prior to becoming the merc with a mouth was a joy to watch as well. He still has a similar dry wit to him, but isn’t as unhinged and off the rails. It brought a more human side to the character, showing you why he’s an asshole you can’t help but love.

Along with Deadpool, come a great supporting cast that do exactly what they intend to, support Deadpool. They never try to outshine or steal the spot light from Ryan Reynold’s, but don’t leave themselves completely over shadowed either. They bring a great balance and chemistry to the movie as a whole. Characters such as Vanessa — Wade Wilson’s love interest — was played beautifully by Morena Baccarin, especially how she manages to  bring her own humor while bouncing off Wade Wilson’s lines. You also have TJ Miller as Weasel, the barkeep who acts as Wade’s asshole friend; Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead who act as backup when Deadpool needs a helping hand; and Owl, the random roommate.

The only part of the ensemble that felt underwhelming, were the villains. Ajax and Angel are the two main antagonists to Deadpool, but never propose any real threat to the character. There wasn’t enough build up to their side of the story, which made their end quite forgettable. Before you know it, Deadpool has already saved the day and taken out the trash with them both.

Maximum Effort

Deadpool’s presentation of the story isn’t a unique concept, but provided a great way to keep up the pacing of the movie. The story is presented in flashbacks, showing how the present day and situation came to be. Starting off with a bang, the scene we all saw with the test-footage leak, and then bringing it back showing you how Wade Wilson became Deadpool. It was definitely a better take on the usual super hero origin story, giving the audience the goodies right away and explaining later. They never lingered with scenes either, always making sure to get to the next plot point without leaving out too much so as to not confuse the audience. It’s even referenced in one scene, literally saying it’s to advance the plot.

One problem with this, however, is that the movie is lacking a middle part. Since the origin story takes up a bulk of where a build up to the climax and resolution would be, it comes off as a bit short and leaves certain resolutions a bit underwhelming, such as Ajax and Angel’s. This is where I felt that the movie could have gone on a bit longer, especially when looking back on the movies time line, it only lasts two days.

Now, as for the story itself, it’s not too deep or complex and it shouldn’t be. It’s a simple revenge story, where Wade Wilson just wants to get back at the people who screwed him over, all the while saving the girl. It even acts as a redemption story in itself, where this movie is a way for the character Deadpool to get back at the Fox executives who decided to sew his mouth shut and turn him into that abomination in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The story is just a fun ride, which is easy for everyone to enjoy.

Another fun ride of the movie is the action. Deadpool is just a no-holds-barred, violent action fest, with heads getting sliced off, bones being broken, and head shots all around. There is no remorse for any of those who oppose Deadpool’s rampage, even the henchman, especially the henchman. The movie has some of the best action scenes in any super hero movie or even action movie. Every scene is choreographed and shot superbly, avoiding annoyances such as shaky-cam and overly-styled fighting sequences. The fight scenes have a more aggressive and dirty feel to them, where characters intend to kill and never hold back by using weird back flips or unnecessary weapon flailing. Deadpool of course brings a light-hearted flare to his killings, but still kills none the less.


Deadpool is a love letter and apology to everyone who witnessed the tragedy of past big screen iterations, and lets the Merc reach his full potential and glory as the unhinged, wise-ass killer we all know and love. The action is on point, the comedy is uncanny, and the overall package has definitely lived up to the hype that has been built around it by the superb marketing.

There a few minor gripes, but nothing that can take away from the awesomeness that is a great Valentine’s weekend movie, known as Deadpool.


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