Another Castle is your source for ‘All Things Nerd’.

In the middle of an over-saturated market, AC separates itself by not only catering to its readers, but focusing a vast amount of attention on its developing writers; many of who are brand-new to the world of journalism and writing.

While learning the ropes, our writers develop the basic skills necessary for journalistic writing. From social networking to proof-reading and formatting, as well as developing and maintaining relationships with media partners necessary out in the field.

In regards to both our readers and our writers, AC strives to consistently learn and grow with each article. We are devoted to our writers just as much as we are to our readers, as only through the community’s loyalty will we continue to be more than ever imagined.


One Comment on “Home”

  1. lolitalix
    08/17/2014 at 9:52 PM #

    Thank you for liking my CowBoy Bebop blog. I read your 3 reasons why attack on titan is a bad anime blog and i enjoyed. I admit im an attack on titans fan and i enjoy hearing others opinions on anime shows.

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