What is Another Castle’s TL;DR Series?

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

TL;DR, or too long; didn’t read, is AC’s newest series of review and news wrap-ups. The series was created for our writers and readers who just want to get to the point and explain, in the simplest possible way, why you should or shouldn’t pay attention to the reviewed material. So although you’re still reading, you’re not reading as much.

In TL;DR reviews, we breakdown each area typically reviewed — story, animation, graphics, overall, etc. — and give brief bullet points that highlight the biggest pros and cons for the media, alongside a brief summary of the story, setting, and characters as well as a quick synopsis of the reviewer’s overall impressions.

In our TL;DR news wrap ups, we quickly summarize the bulk of information released in a bit-sized package. Although you won’t get the general news packaging that includes product or company background, you’ll still receive all the essential elements such as release dates, announcement details, and any other coverage deemed necessary.

We love your feedback! Let us know how your thoughts on our TL;DR series in the comments.


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